Friday, June 14, 2013

Hey. We're Scarving Over Here!

How To Take The Stares: Tip #1 - Accessories will always complement an outfit, no matter where you choose to put them. Don't be afraid get a little innovative...

     Welcome to Take the Stares! Have you taken your fair share of stares today? I know I have. What's red and satin and paisley all over?  Today I've got some fun accessories for you all to view today. And with that  being said, lets get right to it...

Never underestimate the power of a cute scarf my friends. Now usually if you spot me on campus, you would normally see me sporting a scarf as a cute bow wrapped around my head. But if the weather where you are is anything like that in Athens, Georgia this season, then maybe you can think of some alternative ways to keep your scarf trending without breaking a sweat! Take this outfit for example. Today I used my scarf as a cute neck piece to spruce up a casual outfit. And although using the scarf as a neck bandana gives my look a street wear vibe, the satin material gives it a classy and sophisticated edge while the bright red really brings the outfit to life. And you can always count on different patterns of paisley to pull out that hint of funkiness your look so desired.

I won't say too much about this purse except that it was love at first sight. I knew in my heart I was not leaving the store without it. I. LOVE. THIS. PURSE. From the long strap to the picture of the woman near the bridge with her sequenced flare, this purse just screams vintage to me. And all the colors in this purse allow this accessory to spice up any plain outfit. 

High-waisted pants, where have you been on my life? Probably amongst the late 80's and early 90's. But boy, have they made their come back. You can wear them out on the town with a nice pair of heels and a tight top, or if you just want to look nice for class you can dress them down in a simple tank top and flats. But no matter how you choose to wear them, they will almost ALWAYS accentuate those curves, especially with a belt buckled over them like the one above. It's not a crime to flaunt what you've been blessed with! I also wanted to combine these earth-toned pants with some colors that really pop, like electric blue and red!

From a distance, they just look like a plain pair of red flats. But in reality, they are the pair of red flats: The pair of red flats to give any simple outfit the charisma it needs. The pair of red flats with the peep toe, perfect for warm weather and summer adventures. The pair of red flats that has the fun "jelly" look. The red pair of flats that make you just want to take the stares.

Photography by Yanet Adere


  1. Wow. Thank you so much for these fashion accessory tips. They're wonderful!

  2. She sure is pretty!! Way to show em how it's done #Thickums!! Good job

  3. I typically would never look twice at a bag like that, but i must admit it looks really cute with your outfit and it's so different. Will definitely keep an open mind next time I'm out shopping. Good eye!

  4. Gosh you are so adorable! I am in love with your style. Can't wait for the next post!!!

  5. Jessie J !! I'm so proud of you lovely this was a great way to start your blog. Keep up the great work I can't wait to see more wonderful post from you !! Much Love XOXO Anonymous

  6. aww cutie pie your sooo stylish and this blog is simply adorbs! cant wait to read more love-shay

  7. I like this blog alot. Not too much in here from a man's perspective, but i dig fashion and seeing how you gals put your own spin on things!