Monday, October 24, 2016

What A Week

And it has been indeed. But that's every week right? I've finally stumbled across the Kendall + Kylie line at Pac Sun. And I'm sorry to disappoint some of you, but I don't actually hate it. In fact, I really adored a lot of the items, including this sweater. So much so, I even got it in the other color.

The quality's great, the stripe blocking caught my eye, and I had sunglasses to pair with it. Which, by the way, I went ahead and got in blue and yellow as well! So much fun it is to see the world in whole new light. Literally.

I love the way crop tops and overalls look together. It's fun and flirty to me. I've been in a very tomboy mood lately which is why my last couple of blog post have all about the casual looks with sneakers. But I always going to add a feminine touch, which have been statement chokers for me lately. The sparkly kind preferably.

Loving this tomboy spirit I'm in. It's much easier to move around. But I'm always going to be a girly girl at heart. So plan on seeing a lot more boots and dresses from me in the very near future. Promise.
Sweater - by Kendall + Kylie
Overalls - by Iris Jeans
Choker - Claire's
Shoes - Airforce 1
Photography by Joshua Thomas

Saturday, October 8, 2016

No Shade

Mornin' friends. You're probably wondering why I'm dressed like this when fall just kicked off about a week ago. And my response to you would be global warming. This week hasn't dropped anywhere under 90 degrees. I'm on the hunt for some shade as we speak.

Took a trip out to San Diego a few weeks ago and found this nifty little visor at one of the local drugstores. I was honestly just looking for something to block the sun's attempts to set me on fire, but it actually grew on me. Funny how things happen that way.

These rose colored shades were made me for me. If only I could always view the world this way.

Cali has some out of this world thrift stores. I came across these pants after a good hour of being in the store and I was in love immediately. These colors on top of this satin fabric still blow my mind. They are entirely dreamy. 

Thanks for stopping by again Stares Goers. Tune in next week for more funky fits and color coordinated lenses. What have you done to Take the Stares today?
Boodysuit - by American Apparel
Pants - (thrifted)
Photography by Joshua Thomas