Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The New Bloomer - Brenda Nicole Moorer

Happy Tuesday fashion fiends! I'm in an ultra stellar mood today because it is in fact my 21st birthday!! And what better way to kick off my birthday week than to bestow you guys with some new, good vibes...

So if you're a fan of artists like Corrine Bailey Rae, Lianne La Havas, Sade, or India Arie, then you are definitely going to take a liking to the sultry, soulful voice of Brenda Nicole Moorer.
As the granddaughter of singer Alvis Moorer, member of the 1960's group The Esquires, music has always ran thick in Brenda's blood. Although Brenda is just now starting to make her way to fame in a spotlight she's created for herself, she has actually been in show business since before the age of 16, signing back up for well known artists such as Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Julie Dexter, and Omarion. And while she has been popular over in the U.K. for a while now, her well crafted talent had started to gain media attention in the U.S. back in 2006 after the debut of her first album "Songbird", which did quite well in sales here in Atlanta. And now with the debut of her most recent EP "For Lovers and Believers" that dropped this past Valentine's Day, everyone seems to be rooting for Brenda's well deserved success.
Listening to Brenda Nicole Moorer's music gives me warmth and peace of mind. This indie singer has the voice of a neo-soul singer that soothes the spirit and puts your heart in a daze, but the passion and flavor of a jazz musician that tells and story and leaves you wanting to know more. If that sounds like something you'd love to indulge in, then give her hit single "Bloom" a listen - I think you're really going to like this one!
It's another inspirational story of holding steady to your dreams, no matter how long it takes to reach them. Brenda has been in show business since before she was 16 - and now at the age of 24, she is finally starting to gain the recognition she has been working towards for years. Take the Stares to the sound of Brenda Nicole Moorer with both of her works "Songbird" and "For Lovers and Believers" today!

Pictures and information provided by:
Karen Nickel photography

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Chuck-Chuck

This is my Chuck-Chuck bracelet. If you ever had the curiosity to learn a something about me, all you'd have to do is look at one of the charms and there's an answer for you. 

Chuck-Chuck bracelets are your modern day charm bracelet...except a little cooler. You can choose from a wide selection of interchangeable chuck-chuck charms to add to your very own leather bracelet that comes a good variety of colors. What's great about this bracelet is that it adheres to personality - you'll never have the same Chuck-Chuck bracelet as another person because you get to choose which charms appeal to you the most. You can purchase your charms in one sitting or collect them over time. 

What will your bracelet say about you?

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flashback Frenzy

Ever since I heard N'Sync in the car this past weekend, I've been living in nostalgia this entire week. So  amidst my walk down memory lane, I came upon some 90's inspiration that I had to channel via this outfit. Does this look ring a bell 90's R&B fans?

I've really grown fond of oversized button ups (don't be surprised if you see more in up and coming posts). Every time I take a trip to the thrift store now, I always make it a habit to go in the men's section and look at the button ups with fun prints or designs that stand out to me. I was determined to make this Large button up work in my favor when I saw it at the store because I was so drawn to the unique block pattern and collar design.
A bandeau works perfectly with oversized shirt like this since the shirt is overwhelming in size to begin with. And what would a 90's look be without the necessary gold chain?
I love these shorts. There casual enough where you can down play them with a look like this, but nice enough that you can dress them up and wear them with heels if called for.
A splash of combat boots to edge up your look...
 ...And a dab of a Godfather snapback, and wah-lahh. You're in the 90's kid. Take the Stares to different eras and see what come back wearing!
Oversized button up - by Spindle River Classics (Dynamite Thrift Boutique)
Black bandeau - (Rainbow)
Gold chain - (America's Thrift Store)
Black watch - (Gift)
Black high-waisted shorts - by Forever 21 (Gift)
Black Chuck-Chucks bracelet - by Chuck-Chucks jewelry (Chuck-Chucks.com)
Godfather snapback - (Borrowed)
Knee socks - by Mitre (Borrowed)
Black combat boots - by Missimo (Target)
Photography by Joy Etuk

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sleeping with a Friend x Neon Trees

I don't know about you, but the stresses of school have really been getting to me as of late. Which is normal and dandy when trying to accomplish any difficult task...but sometimes you just need a short reminder not to take life too seriously. So when I saw Neon Trees's new video for "Sleeping with a Friend", I couldn't help but smile.

It's a song about how two young people attempt to stay in the comfort zone of their friends-with-benefits relationship, but end up finding themselves nearing what seems to be love's dangerous edge, one they played strategically to avoid. So even while you're trying to hold steady to the plans you've drawn out for yourself, remember that life is simply laughing at your blueprints while taking you down the course it has already mapped out for you from the beginning.

And I know the fashion fiends will appreciate the fun color and pattern schemes in the casts's wardrobe!

I hope this little piece of neon will put a smile on your face today the way it put a smile on mine.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Cake Cake Cake

Greetings fashion fiends! Hope everyone's been enjoying the onslaught of unpredictable weather. What has it been like where you are? We've missed the past 3 days of school here in Georgia because snow and ice took over the roads (But hey. No complaints from this end).

Today's outfit is actually from last weekend about an hour prior to celebrating my best friend's 21st birthday (hence the colorful decor). I was feeling inspired by the outfit, so we threw together a mini photoshoot before the guests showed up.

I'm so excited that I finally get to show you guys these high waisted pants from Express! They're probably my favorite pair of pants in my closet. I can easily achieve a boho look or whimsical look with these pants, but I decided to target a more upscale look for this special occasion. The first time I wore them was on the beach with a swim suit, the second time was with a bandeau top. Not only are they fashionable, but they're SO comfortable too. Clearly, I couldn't wait for the party to start.
Like I've said before. Turquoise is my favorite stone to serve as an accessory piece with my wardrobe. It accents almost any color perfectly, complementing it with a subtle pop. I kept my jewelry to a minimum with this outfit because I didn't want to take away from its simplicity.
For a while now, I've had this thing for sleeveless turtle necks. So when I saw this creme one by Guess at this store, I was so ecstatic! I could've picked a colored one...but there's a quiet sophistication to cremes and whites. Also, cremes and whites give you a wider variation of outfit possibilities because the color is so basic.
I'm telling you guys. Every girl needs a conventional pair of black heels, preferably in this style. I can't stop wearing these because they go with virtually everything and look great. It was hard finding heels that would go with these pants in a flattering light, but these were an easy pick and solved the problem. My favorite part is the gold accent on the foot strap and the suede material.
Birthdays are definitely one of my favorite events to celebrate because you get to show someone you love and care about how much you appreciate the fact that they're apart of your life. So when you Take the Stares for your loved ones birthdays, do it up for them (especially for 21)! Happy 21st Yani. Hope we made it everything and more.
Sleeveless Turtleneck - by Guess
Pants - by The Limited
Shoes - by Charlotte Russe
Turquoise earrings - by Chaps
Turquoise bracelet - by H&M

Photography by Lydia Yohannes