About Take the Stares

Welcome fashion fiends! I'm Jessica Johnson, an aspiring fashionista from the sunny suburbs of Alpharetta, Georgia. I am currently a student at The University of Georgia, majoring in fashion merchandising.
Taking the Stares is all about going forth in everything you choose to endeavor with such a high esteem of confidence that no sense of doubt, scrutiny, or criticism becomes a barrier to your life's purpose. Those who pursue their dreams are those who Take the Stares. And those who choose to Take the Stares are those who inspire. 

Take the Stares has collaborated with:

Lucky Magazine
Angela & Roi Handbags
Chuck-Chuck Bracelets
Angelica Florence Accessories
American Threads
Besida Online
Carnivour Creates
Vera Bradley

Take the Stares has been featured on/in:

Fashion Bomb Daily
Ampersand Magazine - Athens, GA
Black Girls Who Blog (Instagram)
Carnivour Creates (Instagram)
American Threads (Instagram)
Besida Online (Instagram)
Mean and Surly (Instagram)
Dynamite Clothing (Instagram)

Thank you for helping me make my journey worth the climb. See you at the top of The Stares!

XoXo -

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