Friday, March 20, 2015

Queendom Come

For my 22nd birthday this year, I decided to bring all of the things things I love most in one setting and capture it on film - friends, colors, and fashion. To depict the rainbow theme I wanted, I had each of my closest girlfriends to pick one color and style of dress that they felt embodied their personalities while I wore white. The color white wouldn't exist without a combination of all of the other colors, and every one of them makes up a part of who I am. How can we truly appreciate the beauty of a rainbow without understanding all that it is made up of - from the light that has to refract off water molecules, to the molecules combining with one another to give you all the aesthetic pleasure we get to witness?

Appreciating beauty stems from knowledge and understanding. It all starts from within.

I love these women with every ounce of my heart and being, and I felt incredibly blessed to have all of them be apart of the thing I love to live for in life, and that is fashion.

Ladies and gents, I bring you style in it's finest form. Here's to living life on The Stares and turning 22 in style!

Me, Jessica
Fur Coat - Dynamite Boutique
Crochet Top - (American Threads)
Denim shorts - by H&M (H&M)
Fur Ear Muff - by Aerie (Plato's Closet)
Necklace - by H&M (H&M) 


Kayla, My Beautiful Baby Sister






You Can't Sit With Us.

I'm Serious. Don't Even Try.

I'm Totally Kidding. Please, Come Sit With Us!

 I'm so proud of each and every one of these ladies. Getting in front of a camera isn't the most comfortable thing to do, but that's why they're my heroes - even though a lot of them weren't so comfortable being being part time models, they were brave enough to do it for me. And that's special.

When you think about it, seeing ourselves captured in moments we aren't so sure of is a scary thing. What will we look like? What will people think? What will I think? Facing ourselves is a very scary thing to do sometimes - we aren't always ready for what's going to be captured. Sometimes, it's not the prettiest thing...And sometimes it is. That's why beauty is the perfect medium - Beauty is simply truth.

You ladies are incredibly beautiful. Thank you for helping celebrate 22 the way I love most. I love you guys.
Photography by Derek Oladokun

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