Tuesday, May 16, 2017


My last weekend in LA was entirely magical. A part of that magic was given to me through a lovely designer I met who goes by the Inanz. It's always so powerful meeting other women creatives who are as passionate about sharing their message and vision with the world as yourself. Her's came through the story of hip hop and how she wanted to share a real, authentic taste of that through her artwork.

I'm so glad she went through with getting her paintings onto clothing because this Sade & Erykah Badu piece was too crazy not be worn! I wish I had gotten some more pictures of her paintings from the booth. But by clicking here, not only can you view all of her works and clothing, but you can buy them, too!

Inanz's work meant even more to me after getting the chance to talk with her. Honestly, it's been frustrating watching popular fashion brands kind of appropriate images from hip hop culture without knowing anything about its history for the sake of a trend, especially in this past year. This is an artist who is creating art from the music that has been an inspiration to her since her childhood, our childhoods, and that is clearly shown in every detail of her art. Thank you for putting so much love into your work. I was so excited to share it with my viewers, especially my hip hop fans, so they could be apart of your movement as well. iNanz, thank you for Taking the Stares.

Let's shop iNanz.
Shirt - by iNanz
Jeans - by Forever21
Scarf - from Slow Clothing
Sunglasses - by Aldo
Photography by Eric Barbosa

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