Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gang Green Gang

How to Take the Stares - Tip #3: Taking the Stares isn't always about what you see. Sometimes, it's about what you smell. Fragrance is an accessory that often doesn't get recognized as an accessory simply because it can't be seen when worn. But having a signature scent does not only allow people to get a taste (or a smell rather) of you as an individual and your personal style, but it's also appreciated by the opposite sex. Trust me. If you want to make a memorable impression of yourself, wear it!

Happy Tuesday fashion fiends! Did you know that each minute 51 acres of tropical rainforest are destroyed, each hour 1,800 children die of malnutrition and hunger, and each day almost 5 species of life become extinct? If you ask me, we've got some major environmental issues that aren't being heard, and it almost makes you wonder if we're doing enough to listen. Due to recent observations of detrimental factors bringing harm to the green in my home town, I've decided to express my support in the Go Green campaign through the art of fashion. Today, we Took the Green Stares in the local community and met some very inspiring characters along the way...

If you couldn't tell by the photos, I was feeling very free in this boho look. Isn't this tye-dye crop top funky? It was actually a body suit in its past life. When experimenting with alterations, make sure what your altering is something that you don't mind ruining if you make a mistake. But usually, the experimentation is well worth the risk!

I don't think I'll ever get over a nice scarf. Today, I used this one as a cute head wrap to compliment the boho look. There's so many different, fun ways to wear a headpiece. I chose a bow for this particular style.

I definitely play favorites when it comes to this backpack versus all the other purse/baggage items in my closet. The intricate embroidery and brown leather frames on the pockets truly articulate the bohemian feel. Great for going to class and traveling. It makes me think of something I should be rocking at one of those three day music festivals.

I have been waiting forever to wear these high-flare jeans. They're perfect with a pair of wedge heels and look absolutely stunning on taller women! The extra flared hem gives the illusion of elongation in the legs.

This is John. He was sitting down in the shade to stay out of the sun, so we asked him if we could snap a few photos with him, just because we simply loved his look. It's a look that anyone can go for - from young males to young ladies who are looking to achieve that tomboy style. Don't let his fragile frame fool you - the man's got style!

Aside from his clean loafers and tall socks to that trendy, leaf print button up shirt, he had a remarkable story behind those round frames. Five heart transplants, two eye cataracts, and several different cancers later, John is still standing here having this conversation with me today! And even after all he's been through, I couldn't find a hint of pain or suffering on his face. He only had one moral to his story to share with me: "You can't tell me Jesus isn't real." I'll never forget that for as long as I live. And it didn't strike me until later that I never asked him why he happened to be there. Maybe inquiring about his presence wasn't the point of our paths crossing. Without going into the complexities of my analysis of this encounter, in a way, I felt that I had just witnessed someone, or something, miraculous. He Takes the Stares every day he wakes up in the morning. However you choose to interpret John's story, I hope you'll Take the Stares with the smile he gave to me today. John... This one's for you.

Photography By Cierra Thompson
Environmental facts provided by www.truthbeknown.com/earthstatistics.htm

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