Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eternal Style

"Fashions fade. Styles are eternal." - Yves Saint-Laurent

As soon as I saw this famous quote from Mr.Saint-Laurent himself, Mikala Bush's style was definitely one of the first that came to mind. We can always count on Mikala's style to keep us on our toes. Her coy confidence allows her to make big leaps to Take the Stares, which is exactly why we adore her so much! But fashion is not the only area of her life she's been taking some major steps in. This third year at The University of Georgia from Henry County, Georgia is double majoring Psychology and Health Promotions and Behavior in pursuit of a career in clinical psychology, specializing in child and adolescent behavior. And if that wasn't enough ambition for you, Take the Stares a few more flights to see how else Mikala carries herself through fashion...

"I don’t stick to one particular ‘genre’ of style. If anything, I like to play dress up. One day, I might want to be Mrs. Obama …the next day I might dress like I’m from the future, and the next, a girl in the musical, Grease. I have fun just experimenting and not being too serious about what I wear."

If this outfit isn't the perfect mix of class and sass, then I don't know what is. The knee length skirt with the classy, bold black and white stripes paired with a flirty lace bandeau is certainly double-take material. The extra long, sheer cardigan is the perfect topping for this particular outfit. Not only does the length of the cardigan draw attention to the legs, but the soft baby blue color gives it that perfect ray of color to Mikala. And how could we forget the gold accents in her accessories? Black and white shouts classy. Gold screams edgy.

"I have been to Paris, Madrid and Barcelona where I experienced many fashion trends that had not even made it to the US yet. I think I was the first person here to discover harem pants (haha)! "

 After Mikala stood before me sporting this navy blue and gold baseball jersey as one of the favorited items in her closet, I knew that with a true open mind, you can take any article of clothing and make it fashionable. Style is eternal. Definitely one of my favorite looks thus far!

"I am a historic film and documentary fanatic! Anything pertaining to an important political or historic event/figure will immediately catch my eye. For example, I have an obsession with the life and death of Marie Antoinette."

"You don’t always have to follow the trend. For example, these pants that im wearing were a thrift find. But instead of cutting them into shorts like most do, I left them as pants because they looked different. "

I told you - her style will keep you guessing! And all it took were some white chucks and gray knee highs. We went from classy, to edgy, and now retro for the grand finale! These green and white floral print shorts would usually be something I wouldn't even take a second look at in the store, but after Mikala rocked them with this jean button up wrapped at the waist and simple gray tank, it made me reconsider taking one more glance.

"I am definitely a thrill seeker. Rock climbing and extreme ropes courses are two of my favorite hobbies!"

These shades...beyond adorable! The cat eye framed shades have really grown on me in the past few months, and this is exactly why. And that red-orange shade of lipstick looks magnificent against Mikala's complexion. 
Mikala's style is one of many - literally. It's multiple styles she has made into her own, a quality very unique in most fashion bugs. And while it may always keep us guessing, we can never seem to get enough of what this young fashionista has in store for us tomorrow. But Taking the Stares is about catching inspiration in all forms. Not just fashion. And no matter how many obstacles came her way this summer, Mikala has definitely shown me the fighting spirit that keeps her up and bubbly everyday.

"I’ve been through a lot this past summer, and I’m learning that you have to just keep a smile on your face and keep moving. Though it may be difficult, don’t think about what could've or should've happened. Just thank God everyday for what IS happening. And whatever you do, take time to take in the little things."

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