Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flashback Frenzy

Ever since I heard N'Sync in the car this past weekend, I've been living in nostalgia this entire week. So  amidst my walk down memory lane, I came upon some 90's inspiration that I had to channel via this outfit. Does this look ring a bell 90's R&B fans?

I've really grown fond of oversized button ups (don't be surprised if you see more in up and coming posts). Every time I take a trip to the thrift store now, I always make it a habit to go in the men's section and look at the button ups with fun prints or designs that stand out to me. I was determined to make this Large button up work in my favor when I saw it at the store because I was so drawn to the unique block pattern and collar design.
A bandeau works perfectly with oversized shirt like this since the shirt is overwhelming in size to begin with. And what would a 90's look be without the necessary gold chain?
I love these shorts. There casual enough where you can down play them with a look like this, but nice enough that you can dress them up and wear them with heels if called for.
A splash of combat boots to edge up your look...
 ...And a dab of a Godfather snapback, and wah-lahh. You're in the 90's kid. Take the Stares to different eras and see what come back wearing!
Oversized button up - by Spindle River Classics (Dynamite Thrift Boutique)
Black bandeau - (Rainbow)
Gold chain - (America's Thrift Store)
Black watch - (Gift)
Black high-waisted shorts - by Forever 21 (Gift)
Black Chuck-Chucks bracelet - by Chuck-Chucks jewelry (
Godfather snapback - (Borrowed)
Knee socks - by Mitre (Borrowed)
Black combat boots - by Missimo (Target)
Photography by Joy Etuk


  1. cool 90s look… love it!!!


  2. Love the oversized button up. I'm fawning over the oversized trend at the moment.
    90's style is one of if not my favourite fashion eras. I love how you're rocking it! xx