Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PFW 2014 - Rihanna

I'll be honest. Throughout the year, I don't religiously follow the world's fashion weeks like I know a lot of my fellow fashionistas like to. But more often than not, I'll check in every now and again to see what our beloved designers have in store for us in the up and coming season. Last week, it was seeing Rihanna take over all my social media news feeds and timelines that inspired me to check out this year's Paris Fashion Week for fall 2014. I almost kept forgetting to see the line up the designers had because I was so drawn to everything Rihanna was wearing. In the next few photos, you're about to see why. Check out Rihanna Taking the Stares in Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2014.
February 27 @ Balmain show in Oliver Rousteig
Later, February 27 @ Lanvin show in Lanvin
February 28 @ Christian Dior show in Christian Dior necklace (my favorite look!)
March 1 @ Jean Paul Gaultier
March 2 @ Givenchy in Givenchy baseball cap from men's line
March 3 @ Stella McCartney in all Stella McCartney
March 4 @ Chanel in Carl Laugerfield's line for Chanel
@ Commes Des Garcons
@Miu Miu in Prada Fall '14
Yep. That's just Rihanna, slaying another fashion week. No big deal. What was your favorite look by her?

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  1. UGHHHHHH! I love her style, her attitude can sometimes cause a few eyerolls. But dayumn, that girl always kills it. I loved her in Chanel, so amazing.

    The Style Boro

  2. That black dress and red fur coat is stunning! So elegant but tough - staying true to her attitude.
    Love all these looks if I'm honest, could never wear any myself though.

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    parisinrain.blogspot.com xxx

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