Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March Madness - Spring Break!

Welcome back my favorite fashion beauties! I know we've been separated for a minute, so it makes me entirely too happy to be reunited with you all. Thank you for constantly staying tuned in with Take the Stares, even during the hiatuses. Which is why I want to share a special treat with you guys on The Stares today as we venture off into my Spring Break trip around Florida! Now granted, I was not able to capture every beautiful moment I had during these couple of days, but I made sure to catch enough shots to make you all feel as though you were right there with me. 

Let's start at Day 1, beginning in...

Let's get started!
I met a few super heroes...
My camera man was determined to capture this moment. Definitely worth watching...
As well as some other familiar, animated faces...
Believe me. It's not as bad as it looks.
I lied.
 Hogwarts!! Sort of.
Pit stop in Suessland. Riding my Sneelock like a princess.
However, my camera man was not as enthralled to be riding his Sneedle...

Guess I got my comeuppance on Dr.Doom's free fall... yeesh.
Aah. There are the happy faces.
And the night took me into some new, magical territory...
Something about the enchantment of nighttime really brought out the beauty of the happiness that this place truly brings...
How come there are so many people I know who have the same scarred, childhood memory of riding The Tower of Terror (including myself)? Needless to say, my long drawn out fear was finally conquered on this night! Couldn't have done it without my trusty camera man. But I digress...


My life, basically.
Aaah. There she is. Even more radiant in the night.
Colorful, mosaic art inside the arches of the famous castle. One of my favorite memories of the whole trip. With every single Disney princess you fawned over as a little girl, you never thought you'd be so close to filling her shoes standing literally in the walls of all things happily ever after. And to see that it's filled with this mosaic princess art... it was priceless.
Now of course that was not Disney World in it's magical entirety, but after about 24 hours of theme parking through Orlando, it was time to call it a day and get ready for day 2 in...

Scooters on the strip.
The day was blur to say the least, if you couldn't tell in the only four pictures I took during the day. It was amazing! I can't wait to go back. Next time, I promise to bring you a little more footage. So last, but not least we wrap up the vacation in day 3 in...

Paradise in its purest form. Take me back...
Jet skiing on this perfect turf! Camera man caught some really fun footage while driving our jetski...good thing we passed our boating exam literally ten minutes before hoping on this thing. Safe drivers, right? Needless to say, I was told there was going to be sea turtles, dolphins, and sting rays out in the sea that day! dolphins. The sea turtles wouldn't come to the surface of the water. And the sting rays were very large and extremely intimdating. No thanks, sting rays. But yes, there was plenty of this extraordinary, extraordinary creation.
Well. That's my amazing spring break in a few short photos folks. Unfortunately, this is only a taste of the unforgettable adventure I had, but I wouldn't be able to cherish it fully if I couldn't share it with you all. And my very adventurous camera man of course. I hope you enjoyed that mini vacation and caught something close to a tan. Thanks for traveling with me on The Stares today.
 Photography by Jessica Johnson and Roi Johnson


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