Friday, November 7, 2014

90's Cheifin'

Happy Happy Friday fashion goers! So lately, my fixations have been drenched in 90's hip hop. It's been absolutely interesting for me to actually sit down and hear how hip hop has evolved over these past couple of decades. If you choose to do the same, don't be surprised if you become slightly disappointed once you start to notice the difference. Hip hop has evolved from a people's movement to a substance so materialized. It has started to revolve around the concept of making hits rather than sharing a series of testimonies for the good of the people. So today, I decided to celebrate my current inspirations on The Stares with a 90's inspired outfit dedicated to the late greats and today's revivers of the beloved art of hip hop. 

Bringing back the backwards cap.

Unfortunately, I found these acid-wash shorts at the very end of the summer, so I didn't get the chance to sport them the way I would've liked to. But when I was piecing together my ensemble today, I found that they harmonized so well with urban vibe I was looking to achieve. It just flowed! Better late than never, right? Just because the weather has changed doesn't mean you have put all your summer clothes in a box. Fashion is an art, not a pile of laundry to be labeled in boxes. That's the beauty of style - it's yours to do what you want with it.

I love this jacket. With all my heart. From the colors to the vintage, 90's retro style of it. I knew I wasn't leaving the store without it. Now I can't say I'm a Chief's fan (or much of a football kind of girl at that), but it definitely made me feel like one!
A go to pair of combat boots are a must in any girl's closet!

It's never too late to start learning your history. I didn't even know too much about the greats of 90's rap until about a week ago, and I've just been fascinated ever since. Everyday is a learning opportunity, so I've started using my free time to educate myself in early hip hop and today's great current underground artists looking for a voice. Stay tuned for my up and coming posts about my finds...

Thanks for continuing this journey with me on The Stares my young phenoms. We've only just begun.
Hat - by Ralph Lauren Polo (borrowed)
Jacket - by Starter Authentic Proline (Goodwill)
Shorts - by Forever21 (Plato's Closet)
Socks - (gift)
Combat Boots - by Missoni (Target)
 Photography by Cierra Thompson

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  1. You're stunning! Love the pics x