Monday, November 10, 2014

Grow Up, Alice

I was so excited to share this shirt dress with you all today! Not only is it super comfortable from the organza fabric, but for some reason or another, it always puts me in the mood to go on an adventure. I love when certain clothes have the power to do that for you - just inspire you to do something particularly fun. So I entered a version of "Wonderland" for this piece, just so I can could convey to you guys how this dress made me feel on the inside!

How to Make a Headdress:
It's surprisingly so simple learning how to turn a scarf into a headress. It's one of my favorite head accessories to wear, so people are always asking me how I am able to create those looks out of a plain scarf. For the big bow look shown here, you'll need a rather large scarf. Fold it into a triangle, then place the scarf on your head with the top of the triangle facing the front of your head. Take the bottom two corners of the triangle and tie it into a bow (do not worry about the excess parts just yet). Once you've tied the bow, fluff it out to give it an enlarged look. Once you've done that, just take all the extra long pieces that are left and tuck them under the scarf. Now you've created a headdress!

Now let the adventure begin.
"Become whole again. I need to rest. You need to regain your human size. Grow up, Alice. Embrace the truth." - The Caterpillar
The Stares took me to Wonderland today. Where will you let them take you? "We're all vulnerable. Mix the wrong feelings together, the right kind of bad with the wrong kind of good, and you'll wind up with a total breakdown." - The Caterpillar
Head Scarf - (gift)
Hooded Dress - by Marc Jacobs (Plato's Cloest)
Shoes - by Nine West (Goodwill)

 Photography by Joy Etuk