Monday, December 7, 2015

Purple Trench

I hate the cold more than most things in this world. It's definitely on my list of top 5 things I hate most in life. So when it unexpectedly came blowing through Georgia the way it has been, I knew this year I had to be prepared. As far as my experience of being a Southerner goes, we never seem fully prepared for when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. So today on The Stares, I'm taking a Northerner's approach to the cold weather with this beautiful vintage purple trench coat.

Both of my parents are from up north, so it's no surprise that their closets are full great winter apparel while mine consists of crop tops and shorts. So when I found this particular trench coat in our house's coat closet, I was purely fascinated to say the least. And since I've never seen one person in our house ever wear this trench coat in the complete history of our time living at the residency, I didn't see the harm in trying it on...

I you take a closer look, you can also spot some magenta fabric accenting the coat's royal purple fabric as well! 

A light touch of gold really pops on a vibrant color such as this.

While I may hate cold weather, I love winter fashion deeply. Especially boots. I'm starting to lose count of the number of black boots I've collected over the past 22 going-on-23 years of my life now. There's a deep love I have for boots to say the least. 

All in all, I think it's safe to say I will be prepared for winter this year. Between my mother's closet and my own, I've got two closets to work with! I will say you Northerners sure know how to wear winter well. The only thing that could take me up north if it's not a dream job would solely be the boots, hats, gloves, scarves, and coats. Oh, and the Christmas lights! I can't wait until I not only make my first visit to New York, but New York during the holiday season. Fingers crossed that'll be soon!
Trench Coat - vintage
Hat - Divided by H&M
Boots - by BCBG
Broach - (borrowed)
Earrings - (borrowed)

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