Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tie Dye Hoodie x Ghost Supply

Happy Friday Stares Goers, and happy first week of December, right?! We've got an awesome feature on the blog today. And another artist at that. Ghost Supply Clothing is an online clothing store that transfers a lot of really unique anime and manga drawings onto hoodies, crewnecks, and Tshirts. The one I'm featuring on the Stares today is this stellar tie dye jeep hoodie. 

Now for those who have been following me for a while, you know how much I love color and groovy prints. So this hoodie was a match made in heaven for me. But if you aren't into bright colors, believe me - you will find something that suits you on the site.

One of my favorite things about the Ghost Supply site is the endless amounts of apparel options! And what's more is the endless amounts of designs as well. That is a unique quality in a street wear brand, especially on a Big Cartel site. I was extremely impressed with the artwork, as well as the clothing options.

I would say the brand is definitely targets an urban market, and even more specifically the skater culture. But even if you're not into that style of clothing, maybe you just like really cool lounge wear, I know for sure you'd be able to find something to your liking on this site.

I can't lie - I was tempted to buy a couple of things for myself off Ghost Supply! With temperatures dropping and exams right around the corner, staying warm and cozy in some dope gear is a must.

This is actually an opportune time to tell you guys about this side of my style. I know what your used to seeing me wear on Take the Stares is a tad different from this. But truthfully, I dress like this a good bit during the week at school because it's not only easy throw on, but I still get to exercise my style as well. My campus is extremely hilly, so it's more practical to throw on a Tshirt/hoodie and sneakers than skirts and dresses.

You wouldn't believe how many hoodies I have in my closet! I'll try showing you guys this side of my style a bit more in the future.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

Oh, and by the way. It's not my birthday.

Let's shop Ghost Supply.
Instagram: @ghostsupply
Hoodie: by Ghost Supply Clothing
Glasses: (Iguana Thrift - Hollywood, CA)
Shoes: Airforce 1's by Nike
Shorts: by Nike
Choker: (Dynamite Thrift Boutique - Athens, GA)
Photography by Jazmyn Wormely

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