Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lovestruck Gidi Crop Top x Besida

Welcome back Stares goers! As you know, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and you're obviously going to need something to wear. Whether you have a romantic evening planned, or just a fun girl's night out, you'll want to be rocking something fun and lovable. If this top from Besida strikes you're interest, prepared to have your heart stolen by the rest of her crop top gang on the online store. What I love about these tops are how beautifully made they are. Each print is unlike anything I've been able to find in most retailers' merchandise. When I was putting it on, I could feel the quality in the fabric and stitching, so I knew it was going to be a perfect fit. The back is corset style, so it's adjustable as well as intricately detailed. I can genuinely say that this is a garment that I will hold onto for years to come even after I can't fit it anymore for the simple fact that it is so beautiful to me.

One of my best friends celebrated a birthday last night, so it was only right that we saw him off to a new year in style. Thanks, Besida, for bringing the party!

I also finally got a pair of over the knee boots and I can't stop wearing them! If anything, they've only made me to want even more pairs in new styles and colors. Such a sad thought to know that Spring is right around the corner and it'll be too hot to wear boots anymore. But will that actually stop me...

Let's shop Besida.
Crop Top - by Besida
Jeans - by Gap
Boots - by Unisa
Photography by Eboni Cook

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