Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Playlist

Today I want to start the month of February with you guys by kicking off a new series on The Stares: The Playlist series. What a lot of people don't know about me is that for a good part of my life now, I've always held a passion for all kinds of music. I've even entertained the idea of DJ'ing for quite some time now (stay tuned). It never really occurred to me to share this part of myself with you all on the blog because I was more concerned with the content staying mainly in the lane of fashion. But then it dawned on me that Taking the Stares goes beyond fashion. It's about people living in their craft and being fearless in sharing it with the world - that includes all artists. Music means all the universes to me so I'm really excited to dive into something new with you all!

Here's how it works:

So every week, I'd like to present you guys with a playlist of 10 - 25 songs that I've been listening to throughout the week. The playlist will consist of a variety of genres since I am a lover of all music (although, you will probably never see a country song on a playlist). They won't always be new songs, and they won't all be from signed artists. I'll pull music from both my iTunes library and my Soundcloud page, so it'll be a solid mix of old and new songs. If I've got an entire album or  LP/EP on my mind, I'll share that at the end of the post. I'll make sure to add links in the song names so you can listen to it immediately!

Today I've got a nice, beefy playlist of 25 songs to share with you guys. Listen & enjoy!

1. Lovestruck x Malia (heyyy Click the song name to hear the song ayyy)
  • R&B/neo-soul
  • happy, feel good love song
  • slow

2. We Get High x Fabulous
  • Rap/ hip-hop
  • feel good
  • mellow/chill

3. Dirty Bands x Cousin Stizz
  • Trap
  • upbeat

4. La Luna ft. Moxie Raia x Donnie Trumpet
  • Pop 
  • slow, romantic, mellow 
  • highly autotuned

5. Things & Such x Party Next Door
  • PBR&B
  • slow, sensual

6. Smile More x Syd
  • Contemporary R&B
  • slow, romantic, sensual

7. Glazin' x Jacuzzi Boys
  • Indie rock
  • fast, upbeat, happy
  • summer time feel
  • fun

8. American Girl ft. Waifa  x Ta-ku
  • remix of "American Boy x Estelle"
  • PBR&B
  • very slowed down from original 
  • romantic

9. Broken Bones & Pocket Change x St. Paul & the Broken Bones
  • Soul Rock
  • blues, heavy
  • very soulful, sad

10. Gemini x Star Child
  • PBR&B/rap
  • upbeat, feel good
  • fun
  • psychedelic 

11. Curse x The Internet (slow)
  • remix of "The Curse x The Internet"
  • slow, romantic
  • feel good

12. Loner x Kali Uchis
  • Contemporary Pop R&B
  • slow, melancholy 

13. Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown) x Mint Condition 
  • Old school R&B
  • upbeat, soulful
  • romantic, sad

14. You Don't Know My Name ft. Alicia Keys (remastered) x FezSB
  • remix of "You Don't Know My Name x Alicia Keys"
  • slower than original version with an addition of new beats

15. Super Bowl x Cousin Stizz
  • Trap
  • upbeat

16. Million Dollar Man x Lana Del Rey
  • Baroque/Dream Pop
  • dreamy, sad

17. Daily Routine x Joey Bada$$
  • Hip-hop/Rap
  • feel good, upbeat
  • more lyrical

18. Bounce x Masego
  • "Trap Jazz"
  • fun, can dance to
  • upbeat

19. Kenny Lofton x J.Cole
  • Rap/Hip hop
  • upbeat
  • more lyrical

20. Gangsta x Schoolboy Q
  • Rap 
  • intense, trap feel

21. Songs for Women x Frank Ocean
  • Contemporary R&B
  • feel good, fun
  • upbeat, chill

22. Purple Flowers Ft. Wiz Khalifa x Drake 
  • Rap
  • upbeat, mellow

23. What It Is x Amy Winehouse
  • R&B/soul
  • heavy, sad

24. Real Life x The Weekend
  • PBR&B/Pop (this song is more pop)
  • upbeat

25. Oh Girl x The Chi-Lites
  • Old school R&B
  • slow
  • sad, soulful
  • romantic

Albums/EP's & LP's 

5 O' Clock Shadow x Jimi Tents

  • Hip-hop/rap

Suffolk County x Cousin Stizz

  • Trap

Exis EP x Roy Woods

  • PBR&B

Honeymoon album x Lana Del Rey

  • Barique Pop

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