Tuesday, April 19, 2016

IG Muse Me: Vol.1

One of my favorite parts about blogging is getting to share things that inspire me with my audience. I've given you guys a small taste of a couple of things that keep me inspired, such as music and tattoos. Now I want to start sharing with you guys the people that inspire me as well. Everyone has a social media platform of favor, and mine happens to be Instagram. It makes me feel like I have so much access to this hidden treasure of art, bloggers, nature, photography, and food in the world, and those things constantly keep me motivated in my art. "IG Muse Me" will be a segment showcasing some of my favorite Instagram pages that really capture the essence of Taking the Stares and can shed some inspiration on you as well. I hope you enjoy my picks for this week!

1. Melanin Art  <--- (CLICK HERE)
art: photography

2. Miryam Lumpini
tattoo artist

model/e-store owner

4.Chloe Hibbert
photographer: nature/travel

clothing store

6.Kali Uchis

7.Kathy Klein
artist: flowers

8.Pau Dictado
blogger: fashion

blogger: fashion

10. WATTS (fashion)
art: fashion

11.Jesse Boykins 3rd

12.Emily Ratajkowski

13.Trevor Blake
fashion designer

14.National Geographic
photography: worldly


16.Willem Sizoo
photography: worldly


18.Mazi May

19.Galore Mag
blog: fashion and pop culture

20. Hot New Hip Hop
blog: music

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