Thursday, September 1, 2016

In Retrograde

Happy September fashion fiends. And a very Merry Retrograde to all.

A new favorite pair of pants have been added to the wardrobe. And contrary to popular belief, suede pants are actually very comfortable. These are at least, even in the 85 degree heat. I love how the brown is almost a nude against my skin complexion too.

I think one of the things I'm going to miss the most these up & coming autumn months is not getting to see the leaves change color like the trees back in Georgia. I may have to make a special trip up to northern California just for the occasion.

These off the shoulder shirts are one of my favorite shirt styles right now, especially with long sleeves. I have a few other colors I might show you a little later on The Stares (stay tuned as always).

I'm so excited to be expanding my collection of accessories. I'll always love my shiny go to's of course. But I'm also very much so into stone jewelry right now, especially turquoise. There are so many wonderful shops out in Los Angeles that sell real turquoise at such low prices. This isn't one of them, but you you get the drift.

The more I look at this ensemble, the more it seems American Horror Story inspired it seems. Got to arrive to the witch coven in style, no?

If your week has started off anything like mine, then you must've been experiencing the retrograde. My advice: Just stay inside until 12am on the 23rd.  I'll be on The Stares.
Hat - by Amici
Shirt - by Brass Plum
Pants - by Tris
Shoes - by H&M
Photography by Joshua Thoma

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