Monday, March 20, 2017

Pink Broccoli

I'm SO excited because LA is starting to look and feel like its old self again. The rain is gone, it's 85 degrees, and the color is starting to come back to life. No better way than to greet this new color with some new colors. Welcome back viewers! I hope everyone has been enjoying the budding of spring, where ever that may be for you. I'm excited to share with you a very special gift I received for my birthday this year. Come and take a look!

For my 24th birthday this year, my best friend thrifted the one of the most stellar dresses to be displayed on The Stares to date. The crazy thing is there was no size or any other tags inside, so the chances it was going to fit was a bit of a risk. But as magic has its own agenda, it fit like a glove. I guess that's what you call fate ladies and gentlemen.

My favorite features on this piece are the hem splits, neck line, and pattern. I can tell this was a dress that was hand sewn, so I can't help but to appreciate it a little more just for that. I mean there's pink broccoli on it for crying out loud. I'm so grateful for Cierra who knows me well enough to know I'd be head over heels for this one. Love you Cie!

Oh the Places You'll Go.
Visor - (thrifted)
Dress - (gift)
Shoes - AirForce 1
Photography by Germ

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