Saturday, January 28, 2017

Urban Classics

Something in the air is telling me that 2017 is about to bring back some of our favorite early 2000's urban brands. What do you think? I was a big fan of Baby Phat myself so uhh.....yea. I threw in a few playful prints just to synchronize with the spirit of it all. Rocawear: definitely a classic.

Shout out to the OG Ryan Kelly for never getting this jacket back from me! I grew attached to it as you can see, and I at least promised him I'd come through with a blog post for it. Promise kept. Oversized jacket look is most definitely a keeper for me.

Early 2000's, here we come!
Jacket - by Rocawear
Shirt - by H&M
Shorts - by H&M
Boots - by Cape Robin
Chokers - by Forever 21, Nordstrom's
Photography by Eric Barbosa

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