Thursday, October 3, 2013

Don't Call Me "Baby" - Scarface's Elvira Hancock

If you're going to be the trophy wife of a Cuban drug lord, you have to look dangerous at all times. I'm not talking about serial killer dangerous. I mean fashionably dangerous. And who does fashionably dangerous better than Scarface's Elvira Hancock? Michelle Pfeiffer's character is arguably one of the top most stylish characters in American cinema. I guess it's hard not to have expensive taste when all the income from your husband's cocaine rink could probably buy you your very own Versace store. Today, I Take the Stares with Ms.Hancock (and a little of Tony Montana) for her scandalous yet sophisticated attire...
Hmm. That side-boob trend looks familiar...
I think my favorite thing about Elvira is her haircut. The bob is the first thing that I noticed. It made me love her so much because it was so different from the stereotypical trophy wife. She made Stepford sexy, with a hint of badass. Careful Taking the Stares with her. She might trip you on the way up.
And in case you weren't inspired enough...
Rihanna in Armani
Natasha Poly in Oscar De La Renta

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  1. Woah I love this post! Elvira Hancock is a bad ass who can rock low v-necks and still look classy