Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Foxy Brown

How to Take the Stares: Tip #5 - Just because it doesn't fit, doesn't mean it doesn't fit. Stay open minded when you can't find something in your size. Sometimes oversized apparel can work to your advantage ladies (I repeat: OVERsized, not UNDERsized).

Okay ya'll. I am really going to try my best to post my daily outfits. I think it's important to record your outfits if you can, just in case you need some inspiration on another day.

So this one is a funny story actually. Initially I was in boots and a long sweater, but after the temperature went from 50 degrees to 80 within 2 hours, I had to run home and throw on something more appeasing for the weather before my next class. And I ended up really liking it!

This is one of my favorite t-shirts, (the Foxy Brown I call it). Makes me feel foxy, so I had to do her some justice, naturally. I picked it up off the super-discount rack at Macy's and the size is actually a large! I've also really been digging the 90's plaid shirt waist wrap lately, so I rocked that inspiration today as well.

My new obsession - the earcuff. It's edgy and perfect for those of you who aren't too fond of getting an actual ear piercing. I've also been obsessed with studs and the giant turquoise ring on my right hand I stole out my friend's closet (sorry Imani)! Most turquoise jewelry will accent your outfits the way the need to be accented.

Combat boots are something that just can't got out of style in opinion, just like skinny jeans. They're another conventional, classic shoe. It's impossible not to look edgy with these on. I've also been using my plum lipstick lately. I think Fall has really gotten me in the mood for darker shaded makeup!

 Ahh. Another great day on The Stares. Thanks for joining me!
Foxy Brown t-shirt - Macy's
Plaid flannel - Borrowed
Turquoise ring - Forever 21
Earcuff - Pitaya
Leggings - Target
Combat boots - Target
Plum lipstick - Sephora

Photography by Jazmyn Wormely

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