Friday, January 10, 2014

Angelica Florence Accessories

As any fashion goer knows, accessories not only have the power to bring out the true beauty of fashion in an outfit, but they can also bring out the personality of the wearer as well. That's why I am in love with my turquoise bracelet I received from Angelica Florence Accessories (as seen in "The Covalent Blonde")! The glass-beaded designer jewelry is handmade and can only be found on this online store. Whether you're a wearer of pearls or gemstones, Angelica Florence has the perfect accessory for anyone!
Although turquoise is my personal favorite type of jewelry stone/color to wear, you can pick your favorite kind from any of the wide selection Angelica Florence has to offer!
 Happy shopping fashion fiends!


  1. they look really cute! great review


  2. Thank you so much Jessica, I am so glad you like it and thank you for the fab review.

    Much Love

    Clare xx ~ Angelica Florence Accessories

  3. i love your bracelet! so pretty! <3
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    greetings from Hong Kong :)

  4. You look stunning! i love your blog