Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Covalent Blonde

Happy 2014 my good followers and fashion fiends! I make it a mission every new year to challenge myself and do one new thing out of my comfort zone. This year's mission: Go blonde! That's right guys. The first thing I've ever done extreme to my hair, and you know what? I think I really like it. I plan on keeping it for a while. Taking the Stares to your discomfort zone isn't always easy. And yet, it can be done.

Today's ensemble catered to the recent below freezing temperatures in the Athens, Georgia area. Long sleeved crop tops pair well with any maxi skirt for a cute and casual winter look that'll keep you warm in such unpredictable weather.
 I am a woman who loves color. Winter is always a great time to experiment with adding pops of color to your outfits because we have a tendency to wear earth tones and neutral tones. In this outfit, I gave a pop of color to my outfit with a purple lipstick to compliment the burgundy scarf.
Hmm. Now don't those shoes look familiar...
 Accent any look with turquoise and gold jewelry!

In 2014, make it your mission to Take the Stares to your discomfort zone! Who knows. It may end up being your new favorite place to be.
Crop Top - by Audrey (Borrowed)
Maxi Skirt - by Chelsea & Violet (Uptown Cheapskate)
Scarf - (Borrowed)
Knee High Socks - (Target)
Shoes - by Nine West (America's Thrift Store)
Gold/Turquoise Bangle Bracelets - H&M
Turquoise Beaded Glass Bracelet - Angelica Florence Accessories
Stone Ring - (Borrowed)
Bronze Ring - Forever 21

 Photography By Joy Etuk


  1. Love the outfit and the scenery in your pictures, romantic yet cosy and warm

  2. You look so beautiful! I love the pictures and your style! :)

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