Thursday, January 16, 2014

Like Clockwork

Good day fashion fiends! I hope you're ready for your daily dose of a fashion post today. As always, my only goal is to inspire you through the art of fashion as it is through my perspective. And that can usually be found on The Stares. Check it out.

This is no ordinary windbreaker folks. While you may not be able to tell from the photos, there are clocks on this windbreaker. This jacket is the perfect symbol for everything fashion, representing exactly how fashion tracks time and timelessness.
I've really gotten good usage out of these black leggings with leather accents! They're perfect to wear with heels for a night out, or even casual outfits (such as this) that need a little edge.

Ah. One of my favorite necklaces! Im glad I finally get to share it with you all. Gold is such a great go to if your looking to make your ensemble more edgy.
I've been wearing this red beanie a lot lately. Perfect for keeping my hair in place on blustery days and showing school spirit (go dawgs)!
Polka-dot blouse anyone? The irony in all of this is I really hate polka dots. With a passion. But I saw so much potential in what this blouse could do for an outfit, I couldn't pass up on it. "Keep your friends, but keep your enemies closer" doesn't only apply to people, ya'll. 

"And here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why." - Kurt Vonnegut, speaking on time
Vintage Winbreaker - by Ava Sport (Cillie's)
Polka Dot blouse - Anne Carson (gift)
Leggings - Milkyway USA (Target)
White Hightop sneakers - H&M
Beanie - (borrowed)
Gold statement chain - Charlotte Russe
Chanel stud earrings - (gift)

 Photography by Joy Etuk


  1. casual look with an oomph.
    LOVE !!


  2. I love this look on you !

  3. this a great look.. beautiful unique style…


  4. This outfit is styled to perfection! Love the red beanie

  5. great outfit i love your jacket<3 the colors are bomb!
    anyway would you be interested to follow each other?? do let me know!


  6. Love your style, the jacket is just ace I need it in my life!

    Would love it if we could follow each other