Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'll Take it On the Rocks - A Spin-Off Ensemble

Yes, you are correct. This outfit is a complete spinoff from the one in "The Little Black Hat". I'm just now realizing I haven't really shown you all how wonderful it is that fashion can be so versatile, and how one look can be used to inspire life into a completely different look!

I love the beginning of fall because I am still able to add a hint of summer to my wardrobe, like I did with this tribal print crop top! (By the way: Does that crop top look familiar? No? You should probably click on this link then: DIY Crop Top).
The hat. Is back.
I think every woman needs a conventional black maxi skirt in her closet. I find it just perfect for anytime of the year, don't you agree? Mix and match it with crop tops, or a sweater!
Just thought I could provide you all with an easy, ready to wear look to start off your Fall! Stay versatile my fashion fiends.
Crop Top - Missimo (Plato's Closet)
Maxi Skirt - Missimo (Target)
Hat - Mad Hatter Company (Pitaya)
Dog tag - (Custom made)
Ring - (Forever 21)
Abstract Necklace - (H&M)
Shoes - Nine West (Goodwill)
Photography by Cierra Thompson

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