Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Little Black Hat - A Short Story

I'll be honest with you guys: the first time I saw this dress on the rack, I wasn't a fan of it in the least bit. And who could blame's not like something I've ever seen in Georgia before. But as I was shopping around the store for about a good hour, I kept going back to that dress until I FINALLY just decided to try it on. And low and behold...I fell in love. It is my favorite dress in my closet I own to date. 

This boho long sleeved, maxi thermal dress made me feel like I belonged on a city street in Manhattan! Now mind you, I've never been to New York. But I had always imagined that this is what the free spirited, like-mindeddressers would be inspired by. I'll be honest with you guys though... I've had this dress for year now, and is this actually my first time wearing it. I'll tell you why: I had a vision. I don't know if this also happens to you fashion foxes as well, but when I'm truly in love with a piece I see in the store, it is because I can already see in my mind how I want to put it together as an outfit. And I decided I simply could never do this dress justice until I had a black hat to go with it. So I waited...
It's funny. On my journey to find the perfect black hat, I passed by a homeless woman who was in need of money for some food. I handed her a dollar I had floating in my purse, and in her gratitude, she handed me this small, rusty dogtag charm she had picked up off the street and folded it tightly in my hand. I still don't know what it means...but because it meant something of significance to this woman, I put it on a chain. And now she'ss apart of my art, too.
So yes ladies and gents - I finally found my black hat! And this one is actually better than the one I had initially imagined, because of the crocheted design. I have never felt more perfect wearing this dress. I know when you see something amazing, you just get so excited to wear it as soon as you buy it, which makes complete and total sense. But some things, especially those pieces you really hold close to your heart, must be kept with a little patience to be worn. Their value to you deserves that much, right? Believe me - you'll be glad you waited!
Moral of the story: A.) ALWAYS stay open minded toward the things that make you most uncomfortable. You'll be surprised you never knew you had a taste for certain things until you try them. And B.) Don't rush your art. Allow it to grow in patience and dedication so it can be the masterpiece you intended it to be. While your journey is fulfilling, it is not an easy one, I know...but you'll be glad you decided to Take the Stares.
Dress - by Caroline Little petite dresses (Uptown Cheapskate)
Hat - The Hatter Company (Pitaya)
Dogtag Necklace - (custom made)
Abstract Necklace - (H&M)
Ring - (Forever 21)
Shoes - Nine West (Goodwill)
Photography by Joy Etuk

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