Sunday, November 29, 2015

Still Clueless

Yes, you guessed it. More Clueless inspired fashion on the blog this evening! This equestrian inspired look was just something new I was trying out. I mean it's different for me, but I don't know - I really kind of like it! Sticking to one style was never really my thing. I just like to wear whatever clothes inspire me.

One of my best friends was actually about to throw out this tweed jacket when she was moving this past summer. There was something in me that just couldn't let this jacket part ways with me. So I thought I'd hold onto it in case I started feeling some kind of inspiration around it. And that's exactly what happened once the temperature started dropping.

What I love about the tweed design is that it gives you room to play and experiment with pattern combinations. I felt the black polka dots on this blouse were subtle enough to play on the green and purple of the tweed, but had just enough eccentricity to give it a little pop!

These high waisted shorts have really been pulling through for me this fall whenever I've wanted to do a look with tall socks.

Some more borrowed bling from the mom. I may just need to come home more often. I really adore her pendant collection! I think I'm going to start one of my own. More and more thrift stores seem to be carrying them these days. I like the idea of adding some shine to my lapels!

A closer look at the shimmer and glimmer.

Thank you Clueless for giving me some outfit inspiration for these past two posts! I know I'm so annoying to watch 90's films with nowadays because I can't seem to keep my mouth shut about what any and every character is wearing throughout the entirety of the film. But if you really observe the costumes, how could you not be excited?! They're so authentic and so much fun to get into. Keep that in mind the next time you're looking for some wardrobe inspiration.
Jacket - by Steve and Barry's
Blouse - by Anne Carson
Hat - by Olive and Oique
Shorts - by Forever 21
Boots - by Nine West

Photography by Kayla Johnson

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  1. I agree that the top give a pop to the rest of the outfit, love how the blazer matches the green background and I love the couch photos! The hat and high wasted shorts are a good combo =)