Thursday, March 3, 2016

Part 2 x Jordan Year

Day 2 of the The Birthday Weekend: This was our first night in Atlanta for the weekend, and I spent this night reuniting with new and old friends. It was a lot of fun and really warmed my heart to have a big group of my loved ones in the same room again. We ended the night by going into the city and living up the night. And it was all done in this little romper from American Threads!

The monochromatic color scheme is not usually what catches my eye when I go shopping - I am naturally just drawn to things with pop of color. But I am trying to learn how to be more open minded as far as trying to shop for clothes outside the comfort zone of my usual style. For example, I have trouble being open to very simple garments and colors. But the more I research and observe fashion, the more I realize how exceptionally versatile simple clothes are, especially for layering. So keep this things in ,ind the next time you're about to overlook the monochrome romper for the flashy sequenced dress.

I realized that I never got a picture of the back of this romper, so here is a link to American Threads that will show you the back details!

I love these boots, ok? Understand this is not the last time you will be seeing them.

But yes, back to simplicity. It's so funny that I've learned a lot of small, decent life lessons through the act of shopping. How easy it is to overlook an understated, simple pair of jeans for a bright pink sundress. It's loud, it's pink, it's hard to ignore. It's hard not to be entranced by it, want to try it on, want to be apart of it. This is probably why I don't have more jeans in my closet. . But I can say that I've never gotten tired of my favorite pair of jeans. I'll probably only give them away when I can't fit them anymore. I have, however, given away a good number of bright sundresses that I emotionally outgrew or became tired of once the magic was gone. Your favorite pair of jeans, though, will always know how to fit you. All this to say, while you shouldn't be afraid to take risks and go for radiant sundress, do not forget the potential and dynamisism in a simple white blouse.
Romper - by American Threads
Boots - by Unisa
Photography by Eboni Cook

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