Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Part 3 x Jordan Year

Welcome to the final night of my Jordan Year weekend. One of the extremely generous surprise gifts I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday this year was a night's stay at a hotel in the city so me and my friends could celebrate in style! It was everything I wanted to be and more, you guys. I feel overwhelmingly blessed that my 23rd birthday was brought in with such an abundance of love. And to top it all off (literally), the room was on the 40th floor, so the view was absolutely breath taking. But enough reminiscing - lets talk about this dress.

To be honest, this look I've been wanting to rock was completely Rihanna inspired. While I can't call myself a true fan of her music, I've always had major respect for her innovative fashion style. The copper slip dress she wore not too long ago set my heart a spinning. From the moment I saw that look, I already new it was going to be something I wanted to recreate for myself. So here is my interpretation of the slip-dress-turned-nightwear/street wear.

And for those of you that follow trends, you may be excited to know that casual lingerie is predicted to be a trend for Spring/Summer '16! So don't be surprised if you start seeing a lot more of these on the streets in the next few months. Especially by yours truly.

Yes. I was having a lot of fun doing an all out photo shoot in light of this hotel room. Unfortunately, no picture was able to capture just how comfortable that bed was.

My absolute favorite thing about this satin slip is the periwinkle lace detail. I'm pretty sure that's what sold me on the purchase. Ugh, so pretty.

Taking risks is something I really want to do more of this year. I liked to think that I was a risk taker, but my hesitance to wear a slip as dress kind of made me start second guessing that. It made me realize had I not seen it on Rihanna that day, I wouldn't have even came up with the idea to do something so bold. What I respect so much about her style is that she truly just wears whatever she wants and makes it into her own! More boldness and courage as far as my fashion sense is concerned is definitely going to grow and change this year, and all because of this little slip dress. Thank you satin slip, and thank you Rihanna. The Stares may jut get a whole lot more interesting this year.
Slip - by Victoria's Secret
Statement Necklace - by H&M
Shoes - by Cathy Jean
Photography by Jazmyn Wormley

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