Monday, August 1, 2016

Selena Quintanilla x Sole Fresco

I've got another great streetwear brand I want to bring to the Stares today. Sole Fresco pocket T's are handmade with one of a kind images on each shirt. Whether they're vintage cutouts or unique, hand drawn designs, there's a shirt made to fit anyone's individual style.

I first came along the Sole Fresco Tshirt line at a sneaker convention in Downtown LA during my second week out on the west coast. There were a lot of great clothing booths that caught my eye, including Sole-Fresco's. It was my first time seeing Tshirts designed that way, which made this booth stand apart from all the others. I was so intrigued by each and every image. I was having a hard time deciding between the Selena pocket tee or the Biggie pocket tee. We see who eventually won.

Ultimately it was the colors in this shirt, the colors on the pocket image, and happy image of Selena that won me over. And this is a perfect way for me to remember her - beautiful and through the art of fashion.

But I did almost pick the Biggie one... almost.

What was great is I had such a wide variety of pocket tee's to choose from as far as the images are concerned, and I loved that. There was a symbol that spoke to every personality.

What picture would you like to see on your pocket tee?

Let's shop Sole Fresco. 
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Hat - by RetroTv
Shades - by Heavenly Couture
TShirt - by Sole Fresco
Denim Button Up - by Gap
Shoes - by Nike Airforce 1's 
Photography by Tyrus Parks

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