Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The pants are back.

I don't get to wear these pants often. The first time I showed them to you guys was October of last year in Turtle Time. But I was inspired to revamp them when I got to LA and found this blouse in a vintage store.

It was hard for me not to be drawn to this shirt. Its bright colors and 70's aesthetic made it stand out to me the most. You can't help but smile when you wear something this funky.

Sometimes taking a quick road trip in the time machine to find some outfit inspiration. Think of what decade you find the most fashion inspo from and add your own touch to it. What'd you come up with?

Working in retail I'm starting to get a glimpse of what trends are on the up and up for this coming fall. If you're into following trends, brace yourself for the 70's folks. Prints, flared and Aline skirts, flare pants: it's all coming.

Up and coming forecast for The Stares: Prepare for lots of flare.
Hat - by Amici
Shirt - (vintage)
Pants - by Ardee
Shoes - by Xhiliration
Photography by Raheem Udookon

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