Friday, January 20, 2017


Love & hate. Hate & love: HatevoL.

I love brands that have an original look and carries a message. This one does both. how it's interpreted is up to you, the viewer, to decide. I like when brands have laid back, plain shirts with just the logo on it because then I feel like I create more that one look around it. 

When I initially bought this bomber jacket, it was quick buy. I just needed something to wear over my new year's eve dress and this was the very first thing that caught my eye. Something about the white satin on this bomber jacket was just very clean and fun to me. I didn't expect for myself to fall in love with it the way that have but I'm really glad this impulsive buy ended up being a long term love affair.

We have a lot of changes coming into 2017. How will you choose to embrace them? With Hate? With Love? The choice is yours.
Satin bomber - by Forever21
Shirt - by Hatevol clothing
Jeans - by Forever21
Boots - by Cape Robin
Photography by Eric Barbosa

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