Saturday, January 7, 2017

The First Saturday

Let me take the time to officially welcome everyone into the new year! Happy 2017! The first blog post for year has finally been published on The Stares and I'm so excited I was able to capture it in my hometown. With another year behind us, what better way to start with a clean slate than with green hair, right?

So much can happen in a year, as I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed. Mine in particular was year of growth and growing up. In adulting, friendships, relationships, professionally, and spiritually. And most importantly, fashionably. Whoo! And while it brought me to points of exhaustion at times, I'm so glad it brought me to the place I'm at now. All the projects I'm hoping to share with you guys before the end of 2017 are officially in motion. Another year, another step conquered in our journey up The Stares.

I could sit here and give you a more detailed reflection of my triumphs and grievances of the past year, but we'll be here all day. And you came here for fashion! Who knew one could find bamboo forest in the middle of Decatur, GA? It was definitely unexpected for me. But the bamboo just looked like it was made to be worn with these pants (which were thrifted). Greens, golds, and champagne colors bonded very well together for this post.

Goal #5 for 2017: Remain untamed.
Photography by Dexter Davis

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  1. Love your Outfit you look really beautiful!

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    Alessa Bernal.