Monday, August 19, 2013

Best Dressed Dan in America - Dan Trepanier

From the looks of his squeaky clean patent leather loafers and brief case, I bet you would never be able to tell that fashion blogger Dan Trepanier was once a farm boy from Windsor Ontario Canada and played four years of Division 1 basketball at Colombia University. But our adoration for Dan goes beyond his stats as an athlete and his Ivy League degree. Dubbed as Esquire's "Best Dressed Real Man in America" a year or two ago, I only found it fitting that Dan took the spotlight as our Stare Case man of the week.

If it's a more dapper look that you're attempting ace, never fear. Dan shows the gents the advantages of a good neck piece on a seemingly simple outfit. It's easy. If your outfit is doing all the talking with patterns or bold prints, go for an understated piece (such as in the picture below). Or if it's your outfit that's more on the understated side, don't be afraid to try a tie that's a bit more colorful or loud! But a neckpiece doesn't just mean ties. Autumn is on the horizon, so you may want try Dan's oversized infinity scarf, or skinny striped scarf!

Any real business man never leaves home without a suitable briefcase to compliment his suit and Rolex.

If you're looking for a go-to item of clothing to pull together an out-on-the-town outfit, might Dan and I recommend a light jacket that makes your look seem cool and effortless. I love the classic leather jacket with the dark attire to match!

Get innovative with your fitted sweaters with a nice vest or colored jeans!

And as I've said before, you can never do suave wrong with a fitted blazer. And if you're really trying to stay warm, match your blazer with a cool colored, understated turtle neck, or a vest and button up ensemble.

When becoming serious about dedicating his career to the fashion industry, Dan Trepanier pursued another level of higher education at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology where he graduated at the top of his class in the men's design wear. And after working hard to be at the top of his game, Dan now works as the Senior Advisor for Michael Andrews Bespoke and is also a brand ambassador for Gilette, just to name a few of the many jobs he's taken on since his fashion blog has taken off. It's not easy Taking the Stares as the best dressed man in America. But hey. Someone's got to do it.
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