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I Dream of Beanie - Rita Ora

I remember the first time I ever heard of the pop star. Drake had done his own rendition of her hit "R.I.P.", titled "I'm Ready For You", and when I looked up the lyrics to his song, a young British singer named Rita Ora had also came up in the search engine as a result. The more I researched her, the more I realized that this young woman who was very much under the radar in U.S. had already reached the level of super stardom in the U.K. (even though she had been signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label since 2009). But ever since her hit single "How We Do" had reached the top of the pop charts in the U.S. last year, she's all we can seem to talk about! The 22 year-old actually started to Take the Stares as an aspiring YouTube star like many. Just goes to show how far holding true to dreams will Take you up the Stares...
But you all know why I truly love Rita. This Kosovar-Albanian pop princess has become an international fashion icon all within a 5 year span. As lovely as her voice may be, it's her eccentric sense of fashion that always has me coming back for more. And more importantly, the girl knows the power of a good tube of red lipstick! 

If you've never noticed before, you'll see that one of Rita's trademark accessories is a funky beanie. She's shown up on the scene with an assortment of them now, sticking true to her street sense of style. As I always say, beanies, or any cute cap for that matter, are a perfect quick fix to any dull outfit.

It's crazy how much I love all these outfits, but this next picture had my heart. Hot pants are making their come back people, and Rita flaunts it well. The bold color of this emerald green compliments the bold patterns and prints of this blouse to the T. And if you're ever lost when trying to find the perfect accessory to go with a blouse such as this one, remember: you can never go wrong with a statement necklace!

One thing you won't catch Rita without is a glam pair of shades to go with her on-the-go street wear. You can always depend on some fab sunglasses to edge up your look. Although she may musically charm the pop charts, her street style is one inspired by the edgy and funky colors and patterns of the hip-hop culture.

 Now for someone who is commonly used to gracing the red carpet, you'd think sneakers are far from the choice of shoe to wear out on the town. But not Rita. A clean pair of Jordan's is her go-to shoe, and she rocks 'em like a pro! Rita is also known for rocking suits of one print and anything with an avant-garde print or design. How could you not look at her?

3...2...1...Red carpet time!

 As you can see, Rita loves to play dress up. But seeing her dressed up is whole different story. She knows how to keep her funky fierce, especially in that classy black and white high-low dress!

But the glam doesn't stop on the red carpet. We catch Rita on her way to some high end events in shoes that would make Taking the Stares a trip worth the while. The knee high lace up heels are ones very few have been able to pull off with taste, but I'm relieved to say Rita was one of the few.

 A day in the life of Rita Ora. We never get bored watching this star Take the Stares in a beanie, in any variation of eccentric prints, or onto the stage. While her music is of the pop genre, most of her inspirational influences are women of R&B and soul: Aaliyah, India.Arie, Sade, Tina Turner, Etta James, Beyonce, and Rihanna. She may be left with some big shoes to fill,  but at least they're fabulous (as you can see above). But as long as she has her passion, her mic, and her rainbow pant suit, Taking the Stares will never be a problem.

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Pictures provided by:
The Hundreds Magazine
Berreta Sims/Rex Features
Marley Kate

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