Monday, August 12, 2013

London Timez - Theophilus London

Rapper. Producer. Song writer. High end fashion model and icon. But it's still difficult for me to pin who exactly Theophilus London is. While he's recorded four mixtapes, one EP, and two studio albums that have become hits over in the U.K., his music has just now started to bridge over to the states - along with his suave sense of fashion. Today we follow Theophilus London up the Stares and onto some of London's hippest fashion districts...

The oversized fedora has recently become a trend over in the US this summer, a trend many of women have grown to adore. Too bad Theophilus has been rocking his favorite black one for the past two or three years now. Even when cleaning up in a nice suit, we can always count on that black fedora to keep his get up true to his style.

How can you roam the streets of London without a fly jacket to top off your swag? Theophilus knows what I mean.

One thing you can take note of in Theophilus's wardrobe is a shiny, gold piece, whether it be around his neck, or around his wrist.

And who ever said men can't wear skirts obviously hasn't met Theophilus, because according to the picture above, it can be done. In fact, it has become quite a popular trend up north, especially in New York. When done correctly, it can very well be pulled off - just like wearing Jordan's instead of dress shoes on the red carpet. Like I said. It can be done.

Nothing screams gentleman more than a brightly colored suit, striped socks, and polished dress shoes with a tweed pattern. Theophilus got to grace the pages of GQ magazine and a feature on, both media outlets pertaining to men's fashion and entertainment. Check out his work!

When you have a talent, utilize it to the best of your ability. Theophilus used his power of song to write, sing, and produce music. How many ways can you Take the Stares?

For more of Theophilus London, visit his official website:

Pictures provided by:
GQ magazine
Neilson Bernard/Getty Images

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