Sunday, September 29, 2013

Purses that Make a Statement - Angela & Roi Handbags

Just as technology has evolved over the centuries, so has fashion. Now instead of just shopping, we can now shop for a cause.

Angela&Roi Handbags are far more than your average purse. When you purchase a tote of a particular color, $5 of  your purchase goes to a medical cause that the color represents:

So if you purchase a purple tote, $5 of your purchase will go to Alzheimer's Awareness!

"We believe fashion can be utilized to both an artistic and charitable effect. Our company presents an opportunity for us to intertwine consumerism with philanthropy. We hope you can join us in our effort to donate  toward the solution of various causes."

What color will you Take the Stares in?

Take the Stares to Breast Cancer Awareness- Pink
The Ostrich Oversized tote is perfect for those who are always on the go and need lots of room to store their daily necessities in!
Take the Stares to AIDS Awareness - Red
One of my favorites styles is the mini Cross-body clutch (especially in this wine red color). It's so chic with the gold and black buckle, and perfect for fun night in the city.
Take the Stares to Kidney Cancer Awareness - Orange
I really love the Square tote because you can wear it with just about any kind of outfit. It plays up a casual outfit and complements a dressier ensemble.
Take the Stares to Childhood Cancer Awareness - Yellow
I love the color of this Shoulder purse. The mustard yellow is perfect for Fall!
Take the Stares to Depression and Anxiety Awareness - Green

Take the Stares Colon Cancer Awareness - Blue
Now this particular Sunday tote is probably my favorite. Just look how vibrant that blue is!
Take the Stares to Alzheimer's Awareness - Purple
Another fabulous style of the Cross-body clutch...
 Take the Stares to Melanoma Awareness - Black

Take the Stares to Diabetes Awareness - Grey
Take the Stares to Cancer Awareness - Brown
Take the Stares to Lung Cancer Awareness - White
And this is only a few of the many selections they have in store...
So Take the Stares with Angela and Roi this fall with one of their fashion forward and life changing purses today.
"Fashion combines the necessity of clothes and art. Women's fashion allows for expression of individuality, uniqueness, and passion during any season. Handbags are symbolic of this pragmatic beauty. A good handbag goes past as carrier of items into a confident statement to the world."
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