Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sweaters Are Ugly

The evolution of the ugly sweater has been something remarkable to watch. It started as something we'd cringe at when we'd see Aunt Sally wearing it at family Christmas dinners, then turned into a must have when fall and winter rolled around. As you can see, I've found my appreciation for them. They've become a quirky, fun anthem for taking on the cold weather. Time to Take the Stares ugly sweater style this season!

Confession: I really hate the word "jeggings". A lot. So I'm just going to refer to them as my blue leggings. I like this color blue because I can pair them with an assortment of brightly colored shirts and they'll still look really cool. 
I honestly just started getting into the nerd glasses look. But I learned they can instantly give a plainer looking outfit a real hipster vibe.
Chunky jewelry is perfect for just about everything, in my opinion, especially rings when the rest of your accessories are more understated. This purple stone always attract attention and gives my outfit just the right pop.
It is boot season. Your collection just wouldn't be complete without a pair of brown combat boots! Brown will be an especially great color shoe to have in your closet with the rest of your earth toned wardrobe this season!
 Last but not least, the ugly sweater. I get really excited to wear this sweater when fall comes around. The pattern. The knit. My favorite thing to do with almost any sweater is to layer it with a collerd shirt, like this denim one underneath my sweater shown here. I added a final touch to the ensemble with two small gold chains.
I feel like ugly is a term used to contradict what's normal and what's acceptable. It's okay to let "ugly" be a fit for inspiration sometimes. It's time to get ugly on The Stares this season. Ugly sweaters call for ugly Stares!
Sweater - Dynamite Thrift Boutique
Collared button up - (Borrowed)
Blue leggings - Target
Brown Combat boots - Missimo, Target
Giant purple gemstone ring - Forever 21
Glasses - (Borrowed)
Gold chains - (gifts)
Plum lipstick - Sephora
 Photography by Lydia Yohannes


  1. Your "blue leggings" look really cool with the bright sweater :) ! Love the vintage vibe of this outfit

  2. you are positively awesome..was looking through your other posts.. :)

  3. Love your sweater!!! And your photos are really intersting..

  4. I love the sweater :) I would like to invite you to my giveaway, check it out on my blog:

  5. Gotta love them ugly sweaters. The weirder the print, the better. Awesome photos

  6. Love this look! Very 80's and retro. Totally a style I love.

  7. This is by far my favorite shoot! It's soo...different