Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Bad Girls Club

She's the girl you love to hate. The friend you may or may not introduce to your parents, and the girl you're not so sure you'd bring home to your mother. Bad girls just can't seem to get a good rap in this town... but what would life be without the free spirits who inspire a lot of our favorite trends. So today, I want to Take the Stares with all my rebels. All my free spirits. All my outsiders. All my party girls and girls who don't know how to care. All the girls who don't know how to hold their tongues and all my beauties who enjoy indulging in more than one guilty pleasure. All my fashion fiends that love to live in the moment and are guilty of maybe not always thinking things through once or four times...because lets just face it ladies. We've all got a little bad girl in us.

 The Tumblrs
The Celebs
Gia Sapp-Hernandez - The Bad Girls Club, Season 8
Miley Cyrus
Model Helen Gedlu
Super model Cara Devangeline
Singer Jhene Aiko
Erica Mena - Love and Hip Hop New York

Super model Chanel Iman
The Weeknd girls

 The Fictionals

 Of course our favorite bad girl gets her own section... We love you RiRi.

When it's all said and done though, all a bad girl really wants is a little TLC. I'll leave my bad girls to interpret that for themselves. Until next time ladies...
Pictures provided by:
Egotastic! photography
Sue Tsai art - @badgirlriri


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