Monday, November 11, 2013

The Crazy Shoe Chronicles - Part 1

Here was one of my most recent epiphanies: there are a lot of shoes out there. I mean, a LOT of shoes. And doesn't Taking the Stares start with making sure your feet are prepared to? So ladies (and gents if you choose), I give you Part One of the Crazy Shoe Chronicles! From your favorite websites such as Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, and, this series is dedicated to delivering you all the crazy shoes I admired on the Internet. So I hope you'll enjoy my picks as much as I did.

The Bootie

Icy Platform wedge
Jeffery Campbell Hantana wedge
Jeffery Campbell Icy platform wedge with glitter
Marloes Ten Bhomer couture booties
UrbanOG Privileged Swag

Jeffery Campbell
The Boot
Fly High platform boot
Jeffery Campbell Odine clear bootie
Jeffery Campbell odine clear bootie
Jeffery Campbell thigh high boot
Jeffery Campbell

 The Flat... well. sorta. 
Jeffery Campbell Stud Roller
The Wedge
Highlite platform sneaker wedge
Homg platform sneaker wedge

Jeffery Campbell Snick wedge
Yes Werque bubble-tread wedge

Slash CutOut wedge
 The Heel

Jeffery Campbell Alleviate platform
Zig Zag platform wedge
Marloes Ten Bhomer couture heel
Gianluca Tamburini heel
Gianluca Tamburini heel
Gianluca Tamburini heel
Gianluca Tamburini heel
Gianluca Tamburini heel
Tara pump
 The Platform
Columbus platform
Deandri Tequila platform
DV by Dolce Vita Harleta platform
Seem platform
Sephra Cutout platform
Jeffery Campbell platform
UNIF Goner platform
UNIF Hellbound platform boot

1 comment:

  1. Wow they are crazy!! I am a shoe lover but some of these I would really struggle with - perhaps I'm more of a traditionalist after all -haha, I do like the UrbanOG Privileged Swag heels though!!
    Fashmr paul