Monday, August 3, 2015

May the Airforce Be with You

Happy happy Monday Stares goers! Just kidding. We hate Mondays. But look at it this way: you always get another chance to shake off your weekend sinnery and start with a new, productive week, right? And if you're not one for being productive, that's ok too! I just don't have many words of encouragement to offer you. My advice would be to use a combination of TV/Netflix, junk food, and social media throughout the day until the sun goes down (or until you fall asleep. Whichever happens first.) Wake up. And repeat. The next thing you's Friday.

I've been so excited to share this green bralette with guys because it's one of my favorite new pieces I obtained this summer. I'm starting to become a big fan of bralettes because they're super feminine, fun and easy to put on... I just think you have to be careful with how you pair them with certain bottom pieces is all(especially a lacy one like this). I actually had this one for a while before I even decided to wear it out of the house because it seemed like no matter what I paired it with it, my body felt entirely exposed! So the first time I wore it, I decided to wear it as the top piece for one of my two piece swimsuits so I could get a good feel for it. Ironically after that, I felt more comfortable wearing it as I would any other top. Today I paired it with a comfortable pair of sneakers and cotton pants for a casual, urban look.

I love these cotton pants because while they give you the comfort that sweat pants give you, I still feel like you can wear them fashionably. I am personally not a big fan of wearing sweat pants outside the house, for those of you that didn't know. But when I do dress down, I always feel the need to add my Jessica touch to it. Like a bright lipstick. Or something shiny. 

Today's outfit was actually inspired of the sudden revival of Airforce 1's. There were quite a few skeptics that didn't believe me when I said that the classic white tennis shoe was making a comeback (including myself). Then when my roommate came back from Europe, she told me EVERYONE there was wearing them! The girls like to pair them with anything from athletic wear to sundresses. And I was thrilled because I remember being really excited about getting a pair of these under the tree about 9 Christmas's ago...then only wearing them once or twice. Anyways, I still kept them all these years for whatever reason. Now I'm more attached to them then I've ever been before. I think they can go with almost anything, especially if you're going for a more sporty or urban look. But I wonder. Does this make Airforce 1's a vintage item now?! I'm not entirely sure, but I'd like to think so.

Armbands. These are a recent favorite jewelry trend of mine. I wear them with probably everything now. Even TShirts.  It's a small, perfect touch of the edge factor.

My forever favorite Chanel studs.

Lots of little shiny tingz.

Moral of the Story Monday: Don't. Throw. Away. ANYTHING. Ever. Unless you've just absolutely  fallen out of love with something, then take the time to donate it. Please don't trash clothes! You never know who in the world needs to stay warm tonight. Otherwise, just keep things in storage. Besides my Airforces, I've had a few rare items in my closet that I've always had a big soft spot for and knew I would always love, but at the time, I just felt like we would never be able to work things out again. And then one day a few years later down the road, I'll get this sudden urge to give them one more try. From there, we'll be closer than we had ever been before. All I'm saying is don't give up on things so easily. Hold onto the things that you hold dear to your heart. Because someday, those things will become vintage. And vintage pieces become classic. Hold onto the classics Stares goers. They're authentic...and authenticity can't be duplicated, or replaced. 
Bralette: by (Dynamite Boutique)
Cotton Flares: by Mossimo (Target)
Shoes: by Nike (Gift)
Rings: by American Threads (American Threads)
Earrings: by Chanel (gift)
Photography by Joy Etuk

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