Tuesday, August 18, 2015

UO - NEW Athens, Georgia Location!

Last Thursday, an exciting new addition to the retail chain here in Athens, Georgia held its grand opening. Surprisingly, people were very torn on how to feel about Urban Outfitters opening a location in our small college town. Not because people aren't into the bohemian slash hipster wanna-be style that the store advocates, but because it posed as a threat to the small businesses that produce a large portion of the city's income. And I completely agree. I respect the particular blood, sweat, and tears that must be put into a small business in order for it to be successful. But I will say - I've been really waiting on a store to come into this town that give Athens a more dynamic choice in dress from the routine pico top and chevron print dress code options. So I was more than enthused to take a look inside to see what the new Urban Outfitters had to offer, and even more so the share it on the Stares with you guys. I took a few snaps of some of my favorite pieces and things in the store, and hope you guys will enjoy it. This is UO through my eyes. Let's see what the Athens location is bringing to the little, big city!

The store has started off presenting customers with options of end of summer and fall attire. Truthfully, I wanted to get a little bit of both.

The vinyl section is hands down my favorite section in the store. I love the idea of starting a vinyl collection now, really because this part of UO inspired me to. It would be like being able to collect music AND art in some respect. I also think you gain can more of a respect for an musician and their album when you don't hold the ability to skip through tracks.Just some food for thought.

Rest In Peace, songbird.

 UO's infamous Tshirt selection and a few images of the menswear they also offer.

A collection of cynical, inspirational, and satirical books and novels. I really wanted the bathroom log, which was a journal you could place in your guest bathroom (or your own. whatever you're into) so every person that goes in there has a chance to write down their specific thoughts and feelings they may be experiencing at the time of being in your bathroom. Pretty funny stuff.

There was also Kim K's selfie album book thing. I was astounded because I didn't know that was a real thing that was going to get published. More so be a hard cover publication. Nonetheless, I skimmed the pages. Impressed? Enough to keep skimming. More nudes than I had expected...because I didn't expect them. It allowed me to take a mental note of the generation we're living in. Where a book of selfies can be potentially be worth millions, while now even having a bachelor's degree is starting to lose value. But, I digress. 

Fancy panties and shiny things. My favorite.

Knick knacks galore! I'm personally surprised there are still so many miniature walkie talkies left on the shelf. Why can't people see all the possibilities they present?!

A good variety of shoes and outfit additions: check, check.

And how can you truly live the bohemian lifestyle if you're not literally living IN the bohemian lifestyle?! UO also offers a bunch of fun room and house decor if you're really serious about trying to be chill. Being an avid candle lady myself, I will definitely recommend buying every candle they have in this establishment. I honestly did not smell one candle that my nose didn't thank me for later.

Everything in history makes a comeback folks, and that doesn't just apply to fashion. I'm not sure when or where this new found love for polaroid cameras came from (it's probably accompanying this fascination with the 90's we just delved back into), but I'm glad that they're back! Literally so much fun.

Ahh yes. The nail polish and fragrance collection. The perfect final touch. And just like the candles, there was not one fragrance in here I hated in the least. If I had the means, I would have bought all of them. Did I mention that I am an avid perfume lady as well (find a closer look in Fragrance Fatale)? But if I had to make a decision of my top 3 starting with my favorite, I would choose Cotes De Palmes, Citron Glace, and Pistachio Brûlée. They also were selling this super feminine body oil that you can put on just about anything (bras, panties, yourself) to make smell good. I had never seen something like that before, so I thought it was pretty cool.

I had an overall positive outlook on the store. Change excites me in general, especially that involving the love of my life that I identify to be fashion. What'd you guys think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new UOAthens.
Dress - by Mossimo (Target)
Hat - by Olive & Oique (American Threads)
Photography by Jessica Johnson

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  1. Ahhh good ole Urban! Looks like the Athens location is laid. BTW, the book You Are a Badass is a mut read. Lovely photos.