Monday, August 10, 2015

The Two-Piece

August brings itself in a bittersweet arrival, wouldn't you say? Although it starts to mark the conclusion to summer vacation (if you still have those), it also marks the coming of autumn, school, and fall fashion! And as much as I love the leisurely hours and fun activities that come with the summer time, I'll never be more excited for any other season outside of the fall. The crisp temperatures and breathtaking scenery make me want to stay outside all day. It also marks the time of change and new beginnings. Next week, I'll be starting the countdown to my college graduation and I couldn't be more anxious. Real adulthood is just around the corner - an exciting and scary thought. But I'm thankful that I've had my Stares to carry me this far along in my young, twenty-something career, so I know it is only going to bring that much more fulfillment in the years to come!

With my excitement for fall on the horizon, I decided to use that enthusiasm as inspiration for today's post. This fall inspired two piece is made of a sweater, knit fabric that can keep you warm in fall's cool temperatures, but I think the midriff gives you some leeway to wear it on a brisk night in the summer as well. I've also found myself growing really fond of this grey, marble fabric that's being used on a lot of items in retail lately, such as my pants in "May the Airforce Be with You". I'm normally not into mild colors, such as grey's and beige's and black's. Maybe it just comes along with the natural change in my style, but I'm really starting to get a better feel for them and appreciating them a lot more. This by no means means I'll be white washing my wardrobe, but rather adding a new touch to its ever growing change.

I'm in love with calf-length and pencil skirts! I mean, head over heels. That's one style I hope never fades. For some reason, I feel most feminine in this style of skirt than any other skirt style. I feel a lot more like a woman, and less like a teenage girl. And what's more is I love how this style tends to hug my curves in all the right places. It feels natural, like love.

This is a new pair of shoes I've just recently added to my collection. Everytime I get a new pair of shoes, they're always the best part of my day everyday moving forward, even if I'm not wearing them. I treat them to the equivalent of a new born child. Does anyone else get that way? The snakeskin material is my favorite thing about them, and the silver strap around the toes makes for a perfect accent.

 These are one of my favorite pair of earrings, and as you can see, they aren't a pair I can wear too often. So when I do get to wear these ruby studs, I'm elated. I love all gem stones. It probably stemmed from the time in my youth when I just knew I was going to be a geologist, and my parents bought me a bunch of different books about rocks and gemstones. They were very supportive of that dream to say the least. But a lot of that information stuck with me through the years, and my appreciation for beautiful rocks and gems hasn't faded since.

 I originally wanted to wear this with a favorite black watch of mine I got for Christmas two or three years ago, but I've since lost it. It still breaks my heart to this day, but sometimes you've just got to improvise. I wore a silver bangle instead, which I believe, gets the job done!

Fall is my favorite season. I don't think I can state that enough. But does this mean I have to put away my strappy heels until it warms up again? I don't know if I'll fully commit to that unofficial rule, but I can't lie. I am thrilled that I get to take my boots out of storage! Now there's one thing I love more than fall (and most people): boots. I'm already plotting what I'm going to share with you next Stares goers...
Two piece set - by Love Tree Happens... (Pitaya)
Shoes - by Anne Michelle (Fabr'ik)
Earrings - by Forever 21 (Forever 21)
Bangle - by Forever 21(Forever 21)
Photography by Joy Etuk


  1. Awesome outfit love. I'm sure once it finally gets cool you'll be rocking this two piece with your boots.

  2. You are so bomb! Love the outfit girl!

  3. You look stunning!
    Your IFB friend and new follower! :)

  4. Love the two piece. It looks awesome on you. I wish I could look that amazing in something so body contoured!


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  6. This is INSANELY gorgeous. Found you on Lookbook. LOVING.


  7. I love this look! The grey two piece really suits you. I also really like how you styled this!

  8. this is such a great look! wow. i love the two piece trend but i wish there were some that weren't only crop tops! xo, hailey

  9. I absolutely love this two-piece! You wear it well.

    The Style Boro

  10. This tow-piece suits your body wonderfully!