Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chasing Trains: An Editorial Short Story

Once upon a time...

There was a young enchantress that lived at the top of the Stares. She absolutely loved living up there. She filled her days eating the clouds and speaking to stars, and her life was simply a dream. Almost perfect one could argue. But what was the fulfillment of living in a dream if she couldn't surround herself with people to share the bliss of it with? So one day, she decided she would she journey down to Earth in search of people who'd want to come live with her at the top of the Stares.

She was so excited about her plan, she hopped on the first train to Earth. When the young enchantress stepped back on Earth for the first time, she was overwhelmed by how green it was. All these sensational colors leapt out at her off the plants and the cars and the people. Her heart almost exploded from all the beauty that surrounded her. Almost as if these colors of the world were attempting to reconnect with her heart and her soul again. But she couldn't gaze at the trees all day. She had to journey on in her quest of finding companions for life at the top of the Stares.

She journeyed into the world with an open heart. A heart made of the clouds she consumed, and the star dust she was so used to breathing in and out on the Stares. Once the young enchantress found people in the Earth's big cities, she wanted to give them all a piece of this light. And oh how they loved it! They loved it so much, that they kept pieces for themselves to take home. This was 
okay with the young enchantress, because she knew light was infinite. There was still plenty for 
herself, and she was slowly learning that the people here on Earth had this need of possessing things. So believing they needed it to live, she continued to hand out the sparks of her light on the road to finding her companions.

But alas, the world was full of distractions and temptation. The lights, the money, the shiny and beautiful trinkets and things! The young enchantress's love for life was so overbearing, that she stayed on Earth much longer than she had anticipated. She had become oppressed by the all the beauty. She met people and learned about who they were, their potential, and what they were capable of. They weren't all good, but they weren't all bad either. She formed deep bonds with people on Earth who she wanted to take back to the top of the Stares with her. They helped her learn about herself. Who she was, her potential, and what she was capable of. She wasn't bad, but she wasn't good either. She was losing all of her light. These things she saw when she opened her eyes unadvised pained her. She saw pain for the first time. It didn't feel good, but it wasn't bad either.

Earth had not been all it was cracked up to be, and the people weren't as simple as love and light. She was learning how difficult it was to be a dreamer on Earth, as dreamers are not completely in touch with reality to begin with. And reality is what structured the routine of life here. She was now at a crossroads of where she had to decide whether she was to continue the journey here on Earth. Or walk back up the Stares alone. Having enough of Earth, she went back to the train station to wait for the train  to come and take back home to the Stares, but it never came. It didn't look like running from the dark side of life here on Earth was going to work today.
Lost in her thoughts, she aimlessly walked into a small shop called the Pope on Prince. As she scoped the room, something bright and magical pierced her gloom right through the heart. It was right then and there, on that rack, she had fallen in love with the most beautiful kimono robe she had ever seen in the entire universe...and her life would change forever.

 *15 minute Intermission. Cue elevator music*

When the enchantress had placed on the magic kimono robe for the first time, a new life began to surge through her. She suddenly knew why she had come to Earth, and it wasn't to find companions to live with her at the top of the Stares. But to touch them with the magic of the kimono robe. To bestow them with inspiration to embrace the beauty of life and art with open hearts.

It was in this kimono robe that the young enchantress began to get a taste of what life was all about here on Earth. There was no one general meaning - everyone was born to find their own meaning of life. And hers was to inspire people. Not just with the kimono, but with anything else that could embody her soul and spirit. Like earrings, and boots. And she didn't look down upon the people's needs for material things anymore. She now understood that these material things served as vessels for memories and life experiences, and people needed that. Like clothes. They connected people together in a way other things just couldn't. And she learned from this human race that the human spirit is resilient and indestructible, and everything serves as a source of beauty. Even pain. Because in becoming broken, you have to open up as well. Like an egg.

The young enchantress also learned that even in the dumps, love was the greatest gift of all. Love for people. Love for life. And most of all, love for yourself. From that day forward in finding the magic of the kimono robe, she decided that she was always going to choose love. Life will never have meaning any other way. On Earth, and especially on the Stares.
So with this new understanding and love of life in her step, the young enchantress awaited for her train back to the top of the Stares. And when she returned, she shared her story of the amazing humans with the stars and the moon and how she was going to do her best to continue to send inspiration to the great Earth through her love of this fashion art. The moon agreed. She said, "Perfect. You have found love."

Kimono Rob -  by Apostrophe (The Pope on Prince)
Knit Shorts - by Golden Heart (American Threads)
Wedges - by Xhiliration (Plato's Closet)
Bralette - by Anemone (Dynamtie Boutique)
Glasses - (Iguana/ California)
Photography by Jazmyn Wormely

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  1. This was a very cute story that you wrote! You're unbelievably really great at story-telling and creative writing. :) Can't wait to read more.