Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Check Out My Threads - Part 3

Hey Hey Heeyyyy Stares goers, and happy throwback Thursday! And judging by my look today, it's definitely throwback inspired. Thanks to American Threads, it's all laces and leather today on the blog! Let's read Jessica's Handbook on How to Create Your Perfect 90's Inspired Look on the Stares today!

Step 1: Dig up one of your old chokers from middle school (or go out and buy one), and wear it. Always. With everything.

Step 2: Find your nearest artistic venue to channel your inner favorite 90's band and/or boy band. This will be important while personifying your 90's alter ego.

Step 3: Laces, Laces, Laces. It is crucial to have a shirt and/or blouse that can be laced up down the middle or on the sides, like this stellar bodysuit from American Threads. If you do not have an item like this in your wardrobe yet, then you must not be serious of reliving your 90's past life.

Step 4: Return back to your favorite creative venue for your comeback performance after you've finally reunited with your estranged band members after 15 years apart.

Step 5: Think leather. And no, a leather jacket isn't going to suffice. You will need to be brave, dive really deep back in time. I'm talking closer to the 80's here people. You are going to need to find... a leather skirt.

 Step 6: Don't forget your hat!

  Step 7: Well actually, these shoes aren't 90's inspired. They're just a smashing fit for this ensemble.

Step 8: Repeat steps 1 - 1. And shop American Threads.
Hat - by Olive & Qique (American Threads)
Bodysuit - by Maddy...K (American Threads)
Leather  Skirt - by Divided by H&M (Uptown Cheapskate)
Shoes - by Qupid (Fabrik)
Choker - (Dynamite Boutique)
Cross Necklace - (given
Photography by Jazmyn Wormely


  1. Woooot! I'm a sucker for 90's fashion! :) Enjoyed reading this one and such a cute outfit girl.


  2. Love this look, girl!! And those shoes are to die for!!