Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saturday in Athens

Yesterday was our first football game of the season and I had a blast! And if you're not familiar with the south and football, it's basically practiced like a religion here. The spirit wear. The tailgating. The smack talk. In all its glory. Now I'm not going sit here and lie to you. I'm not the biggest sports fanatic. But when it comes to my school, and when it comes to grilled food, I am an extremely passionate individual. So in a sense, I guess I do like sports and what they bring on a Saturday afternoon at the University of Georgia.

What better way to celebrate our first game than in my favorite black hat? (Also see "An Edge on Old Hollywood" ).

When I had gotten this romper a month or two ago, I absolutely could not wait to wear it! But then I realized it would be a perfect outfit for our school's first game, seeing that our colors are red and black. Needless to say, I've been agonizing about wearing this romper for the past two months, and I FINALLY got to wear it! And it was everything I wanted and more. I think I may have been more excited to wear the romper than attend the actual game. My favorite thing about it how it looks like a dress because the pant hems are skirted outward.

 With my favorite open back style.

I've always loved these red, suede kitten heels. Always. The pointed tip is my favorite thing about them. I just love shoe styles such as this.

And these things are only that much better when you get to do them with friends and family.

That was just a peek inside of game day. I definitely couldn't cover all of the antics that it comes with, but I did get to show you that we like to watch football in style! Have a wonderful day Stares goers. Stay tuned into ESPN and other sports networks to watch UGA's journey to the championships this season. I really feel it this year!
Hat - by The Hatter Company (Pitaya)
Romper - by Audrey 3 + 1American Threads)
Shoes - by Jessica Simpson (Macy's)
Photographs by Jazmyn Wormely and Joy Etuk


  1. Loving your hat!

  2. Love love love this outfit from head to toes, the romper is gorgeous and that hat is the perfect touch. You look stunning Jessica!