Tuesday, October 13, 2015

On A Tuesday - (B)lack (Y)oung (V)ets

Remember in my last post how I was telling you guys that Take the Stares took a trip to Atlanta last week to watch a group of new up and coming artists perform? Meet the Black Young Vets (BYV for short). In listening to some of their music prior to the show, I knew I would not be disappointed. With just having released the video for their single "Stuck in My Ways", I knew the audience was going to be in for a real treat. And now, so are you:


What'd ya think? Kudos to the director for a dope video. The song is not only fun, but it's just honest. Habits, good or bad, are still exactly what they are. But no matter what people say, your habits (your "ways') are not what define you. It's choosing to break them or embrace that do. So much truth in such a turnt melody... 

People, including myself, really love to stress how important it is to be true to who you are. But the song really got me thinking: Doesn't being true to who you are also include being true to the parts of yourself that may be a little more troubled or rebellious than the rest of yourself? We all have some ways we can't seem to let go of. I know I can't be the only one.

You know what else was insane? The amount of people that came to the show on a Tuesday night. I was nowhere near prepared for the packed crowd that evolved over the evening. The entire room was filled just to witness all the hidden talent Atlanta had to offer.

This event really moved me. It moved the same way connecting with other fashion bloggers and people who love the art that I love move me. This event was not simply just a showcase of young performers, but it also brought together all types of young artists in the area: photographers, writers, videographers, musicians...and bloggers. People who live to create standing as a collective in an environment that celebrates the very thing we breathe to do. I was fulfilling and inspiring and it validated that I am on the path I truly want to be on.

I am thankful for this night. I am thankful for the performers, and BYV for coming on The Stares. I am blessed to have witnessed so much greatness and potential in such a small area of the world in the span of a few hours. There is nothing I want more than to continue to inspire and be inspired by people who live to create with the same passion that I do. 
Who's to say I'll ever leave my ways behind. Maybe I'll always be stuck in them. As long as I'm Taking the Stares, they're welcome along for the ride.
Vintage Bomber Jacket - byAvait (Cillie's)
BYV TShirt - by BYV (given)
Pencil Skirt - (Pitaya)
Sneakers - by Airforce 1 (given)
Choker - (Dynamite Boutique)
Performance Content by Jazmyn WormelyOutfit Content by Kayla Johnson

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