Thursday, October 22, 2015

Turtle Time

Bringing you big hats and even bigger pants on the blog today.

Just as a fair warning. A majority of my up and coming blog posts are going to involve hats (especially black ones). There's just no way around it. I'm addicted to hats, okay? And my addiction has rendered me helpless to my love of hats. So if you don't like hats, then I suggest you stay away from the blog for the next few weeks.

I love love love love sleeveless turtlenecks. The last time I was at the store, I almost bought one is three different colors. But alas...I restrained myself. I love this one because the angora rabbit hair it's composed of makes it a really soft wear!

 There goes that song in my head again, going off without warning.

I think any petite woman like myself would be nervous before buying a pair of pants like this. Just for the simple fact that before I even put heels on, the hems were dragging in all kinds of different directions on the ground. But after the heels were on, my worries (and hemlines) were lifted.

My mind was blown when I bought these pants because they are a pair of true vintage wide legged flares from the 70's! The owner of the shop sells a lot of her old clothes she wore as a young adult in the store, and these were one of her favorite pair of pants she wore during her youth. It was definitely worth the buy.

I think I want another pair.
Hat - by The Hat Company (Pitaya)
Turtleneck - by Rampage (America's Thrift Store)
Pants - by Ardee (The Pope on Prince)
Shoes - by Qupid (Fabrik)
Photography by Jazmyn Wormely


  1. You made the trousers look sooo good! I envy you. I don't look as good in trousers since I'm a shortiee.


  2. I love this look! Plus, my fav color is green - so fall-inspired!

    Kaisha ♡ ColorMeLimitlessly ♡